The Best Mobile Accessories You Will Need In 2021

The Best Mobile Accessories You Will Need In 2021

Mobile accessories you cannot live without!

Let’s just admit it - We can’t live without our smartphones! They are an increasingly essential part of our lives! They fit in our hands, sit in our pockets and we carry them everywhere!

Whether we are at work or home, or we are out and about buying groceries or shopping, smartphones remain our closest friend at all times. For some, being separated from their most beloved device sounds like a nightmare.

Apart from being a device that keeps us connected, it also acts as a constant source of entertainment. But your favourite gadget doesn’t run on its own all alone. It needs certain kinds of accessories like cables, chargers and so on to keep it up and running smoothly. The right kinds of wires, aux cables, accessories can even solve many problems and make the most out of your phones.

However, some of these accessories do come packed with your smartphone but generally, they do fall victim to every day wear & tear. Moreover, let’s admit this that we generally are not that careful with our wires or chargers and often leave or forget them at places.  

Well, in that case, here’s a list that can surely help you with such problems in 2021: 

Aux 500

Aux cables share an inseparable bond with our mobile phones and is one of the basic accessories to have in your car. If you also agree to this, then this 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male cable is exactly something that you need.

Just connect your phone to your car’s speaker and enjoy crisp sound with no signal loss. The dual shielding and the polished metal moulding plugs are corrosion resistant and are perfect to stream loud music on a long drive.

Now if you are someone who is generally careless with the wires or have a dog who loves chewing on your wires, then you can depend on its nylon braiding to provide you with the desired durability.

It’s stress and stretch resistant that protects it against every day wear & tear. The spaceship grade aluminium casing of this aux cable further adds to the overall durability of this cable!  

A350 Type C cable

Smartphones, tablets, PC peripherals, power banks, gaming consoles, hard drives or any other type C port enabled device - this Type C data cable is highly compatible.

Transfer data at a 480mps speed and charge up your devices at a super speed as it supports 3A Fast Charging. What’s more? Say goodbye to standing next to your phone while it’s plugged in, all thanks to its superior 1.5m length.

It also dons a premium cotton braiding skin that makes it sturdy and invincible against external damage. With 1000+ bends lifespan, this wire offers longevity. This is a perfect companion for your Type-C charger!  

boat wcd QC 3.0

Now that we have established that you cannot live without your phone, how can you say no to a good charger? As your smartphone needs a good and steady source of charge to keep up with your active lifestyle, we have a mobile charger that will solve all your problems!

Meet boAt wcd QC 3.0, a compact and lightweight charger that you can easily carry around in your bag. Thanks to the auto-detect charging feature, this charger alters to the needs of your device. It keeps your phone safe from high voltage current, heat, wide input range and also provides protection against any sparking.

Equipped with the quick charge 3.0 technology, this charger can charge devices at a lightning-fast speed. Feel free to connect this charger to all USBs, Type C cables, and LTG 200 cables. Its wonderful features can give your original iPhone charger a tough competition any day!  

Dual-port rapid car charger

A long drive without your favourite tunes? Driving to a new destination without google maps to help you navigate? All because you forgot to charge your phone and now you are out of battery?

Well, this won’t happen to you if you have this car charger! Engineered to fuel up your devices four times faster than conventional charging, this is a must-have product for people who generally forget charging their phones.

The smart IC optimum smart charging technology can power up your compatible devices and other non-Qualcomm quick charge devices up to 5V/2.4 amps. It also comes with over-current, over-charging and overheating safety protection which is a must-have for accessories that you are going to use to charge your favourite device.

The sleek, minimalist design matches your car’s interior and its small power light lets you know your device is charging.

Micro USB 150

This USB cable is handy for charging a smartphone or another electronic device, and it also helps us transfer data quickly from one device to another.

From power banks to speakers to gaming consoles, you can connect this data cable with most of your compatible devices. It ensures 2A fast charging and you can transfer data at a rapid speed of 480mps.

The cotton braided skin is tangle-free and highly durable. It offers a great length of 1.5m for smooth and hassle-free usage. 


We hope that all these cables and accessories will come in handy and make your life easy, clutter-free and stress-free!