Introducing Portable Wireless Speaker | boAt Stone 180

Introducing Portable Wireless Speaker | boAt Stone 180

Introducing the boAt Stone 180 - The absolute best a party head can get.

Some things truly never change. From the age of boomboxes to portable speakers in 2020, we’re all stuck with the fascination of carrying around our music wherever we go. And a big plus is if we can make other people hear it too! 

From house parties to trekking trips, carrying our music to blast around is a necessity. 

So here’s your companion, now and forever - the boAt Stone 180!

Super features, for a super musical journey, here’s how the boAt Stone can revolutionize the way you flaunt your music, wherever you go. 

1. Lightweight, and Highly Portable

Now that the need to carry your music has arisen, it should be easy and hassle-free, right? 

Which is why the boAt Stone 180 sports a super stylish design, making it the ultimate lightweight and portable wireless speaker.

Fit it easily in your pocket or sling it as a fashion accessory, you can count on it to accompany you, wherever you choose to go. 

2. Rain or Sunshine, Your Music Will Stay Divine

Super portability will be incomplete without protection against the weather for wherever you choose to be.

boAt Stone 180 wireless speaker comes with advanced IPX7 shock, dust and water shield to keep you grooving, no matter the weather. You’ll be turning heads when you blast your music through all kinds of terrain!

3. Surround Yourself with The Sound Of Music

Feel the reverberation of the soundtrack to life around you, at all times! The best Bluetooth speakers in town come with 5W immersive boAt signature sound which delivers sharp, top-quality skittering beats with its Deep Bass Sound, making all your playlists a wonderful experience.

The cherry on the Stone cake is that you can connect your music to two speakers at once and enjoy the ultimate stereo system wherever you may be. 

4. Feel the Magic For 10 Hours

You plan a movie marathon and the speaker dies out? That isn’t going to be a problem with this Bluetooth speaker!

The boAt Stone 180 wireless Bluetooth speakers will last you for up to 10 hours so you can enjoy an uninterrupted blissful audio experience. 

5. Superior Flexibility with Connectivity 

2-in-1 connectivity never goes out of style!

Whether you want to use the boAt Stone 180 as a wireless Bluetooth speaker or an AUX connected portable speaker, you get to do it all!

So whether you need of some music in your car or home, or you need a companion at a serene location, you can count on the best portable speakers!

So what are you still waiting for? Get stoned with the best Bluetooth speakers online!