Excellent Bass Quality Headphones For All Day Wear

Excellent Bass Quality Headphones For All Day Wear

Set your mind ablaze with these best bluetooth wireless headphones!

Of all the everyday gadgets that impact our lives, headphones are by far the most popular ones, taking right after mobile phones. We run with them, we work with them, we travel with them, we read with them and some of us even sleep & eat with them!

The point is, the right pair of headphones add quality to your way of living! And the not-so-good pair can make your everyday activities dull. Be it entertainment or work, we count on them for smooth sailing through the day.

Especially when everyone has been working from home for almost more than a year and OTT platforms coming up with such interesting content every day, owning the best bass headphones becomes all the more important to enjoy an exceptional listening experience.

Now, before we jump into which ones you should buy and why. You should first ask yourself - How will you use the headphones? What type of headphones do you want? On-ear? In-ear or over-ear? And What do you think about wired and non-wired headphones? And trust us, there is no dearth of best wired headphones as well as wireless headphones, you just need to make up your mind. 


After you have some clarity about all of this, just read on as we have handpicked a few headphones that you can have a look at when considering for every-day usage: 

Rockers 450 

Set your mind ablaze with these best bluetooth wireless headphones!

These are lightweight, comfortable, provide the convenience of Bluetooth V4.2, and arguably offer an effective noise-cancellation against unwanted noises. Oh, and they sound fantastic too, thanks to the 40mm premium drivers that add a touch of luxury to your music.

The adaptive earcups with foam and adjustable headband provide a secure and snug fit around your ears and allow you to concentrate and work for long hours with your favorite music pumping through your ears. They won’t stop until you would as they come with a powerful battery that allows a playback time of up to 15H.

The easy operational controls ensure that you get to seamlessly enjoy listening to your favorite music or podcast as well as the in-built mic allows you to talk smoothly while on a call! 

Rockers 295V2

Designed for the hustlers, these in-ear bluetooth headsets are perfect for the ones who have an active lifestyle!

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth V5.0, you can connect these with your Bluetooth devices for an enjoyable listening experience. The neckband comes with the ASAP charge technology, which means that you get a playback time of 10H in just 20 mins of charge.

The IPX7 water and sweat resistance and the high-grade silicone finish provide you a carefree listening experience. Talking more about the design, the earbuds also come with a magnetic charm and give out a vibration alert for calls. So, don’t worry about missing out on any important calls while you are immersed in your favorite music while being at the gym or while working.

You can also command your playback, adjust volume, take calls, and summon voice assistant using the easy integrated controls and the in-built mic. What’s more? You also get to choose from two eq modes to choose from and experience audio bliss! 

Rockerz 510 

Sturdy, stylish, and knows how to play your favorite songs, this wireless headphone is packed with the all right features that you have been wanting!

boAt’s signature sonic high definition sound sometimes makes you think that you are listening to remixes of your favorite records with enhanced detail. The low-end bass is bold and it joins a hyper-detailed middle and high range, giving you the performance that you never imagined!

The foam inside the ear pads adapts to your ears and puts the right amount of pressure for you to enjoy comfortably and makes them the best bass headphones. They also have an equally powerful battery life! The 600mAh battery allows you to fully enjoy movies, podcasts, music, and shows by offering a playback time of up to 20H.

Rockerz 235V2 

Bid adieu to the outside noise with Rockerz 235V2! Powered with the latest Bluetooth V5.0, these headphones offer a seamless wireless experience.

Thanks to the Fast Charging Technology, you will never have to worry about your favorite gadgets taking forever to charge. Hardly 20 mins of charge can ensure that you get a charge of 4H. The 8H playback time ensures that you delve deep into the wonders of your favorite music! It’s 10mm dynamic driver gives an extraordinary auditory experience that you will surely enjoy to the fullest.

They are equipped with easy integrated controls with one press voice assistant that lets you summon Siri or Ok Google as per your wish & convenience. 

Rockerz 400 

Welcome wireless entertainment! Groove to your favorite tunes by connecting these bluetooth headsets to your device.

The high definition music quality allows you to never skip a beat and feel the music to the fullest! This headset features 40mm dynamic drivers that have speaker resistance of up to 32 Ohm.

This results in adding a punchy bass to your favorite tracks. We can even guarantee you that you will be amazed by the awesome audio quality! Don’t let dead battery kill your vibe as they come with playback of up to 8H. Carry your music everywhere with these as they are extremely lightweight & highly portable. 

Now that you are all set to embark on a musical journey with these best bass headphones, let’s not waste any time and get started with that music fest!