Make Your Workout Smarter With boAt Wireless Earbuds

Make Your Workout Smarter With boAt Wireless Earbuds

Turns out that the quickest way to amplify your workout performance is - music.

It doesn’t matter if you are a gym enthusiast or running is your jam, if fitness is something that you are interested in and you do a workout regularly then performance is something that you take to your heart! 

And it turns out that the quickest way to amplify your workout performance is - music. 

If you are into resistance training then music can help you push your lifting capacity and if you prefer a cardio-centric workout then it can help you increase your speed. The right music can even help you amp up your casual walk in the park into a power walk. It's just vital for setting up the right mood. 

However, the first step towards boosting your performance is finding the best wireless earbuds that can pump up the right beats required to achieve your fitness goals!

After all, you can’t depend upon being able to steal the aux cord at your gym to play your playlist and definitely can’t break the cardinal rule of public space by playing your tunes for all to hear. Additionally, you do not want to be distracted by the loud grunting noises at the gym or people trying to have a casual chat with you while you are trying to break a sweat! 

As not just any earbuds can beat the rigors of a powerful workout, finding the bluetooth wireless earbuds is very important. Look no further as boAt offers a wide range of earbuds that are a perfect companion for your workout.

Compact in size, designed for the hustlers, these earbuds are packed with some powerful qualities that are best suited for activities which are high on mobility: 

Work it out with Airdopes 441: 

Designed to keep up with your powerful workout sessions, these true wireless earbuds come with ear hooks and perfectly fit into your ears.

Be prepared to jump, run, or burpee without any interruptions to stop & re-adjust your earbuds. You can always depend upon its enormous battery life of up to 30H for a continuous flow of music while working out. 

As sweat is inevitable while working out, you don’t have to worry about precious pearls of hard work ruin your earbuds, thanks to the IPX7 rating. Their IWP (Insta Wake N’ Pair) technology allows them to pair with your mobile device and get to business instantly! The advanced captive touch controls enable you to effortlessly switch the tracks, manage volume, accept/reject calls, activate voice assistants while your hands handle the heat! 

 Airdopes 441 Pro for the go:

An athletic lifestyle demands enduring earbuds. That is what the Airdopes 441 Pro is all about. These small masterpieces are backed with a battery life that matches your commitment to a fitter body.

With a gigantic playback of up to 150+Hours, these are the best bluetooth earbuds to choose from. Amazed? That wasn't only about the earbuds! The carry cum charge case can even charge your mobile phones in case of an emergency. They are true life saviors, not only when it comes to pumping out music but also save your phone from dying! 

They offer a secure fit which allows you to confidently try any position while not losing out on your music! You could be hanging upside down while doing aerial yoga and these won’t even budge! Built to complement your athletic side, these will definitely support you for an unapologetic run in light rain, thanks to their IPX7 water & sweat resistance! 

Hustle hard with Airdopes 291: 

These stylish and super comfortable in-ear wireless earbuds deliver an impressive sound quality that is best suited to match up to your energy!

As picking the right playlist is the key, you can be assured of getting nothing but pure quality music pumping into your ears as they come with AAC technology! You can even wear them for the whole day long - and with a playback time of up to 18H, you can definitely do that!

Without any doubt, these are the best Bluetooth earbuds, thanks to the v5.0 pairing technology! The seamless touch panel with mic allows you to easily manage your music & calls with your fingertips! You can sweat all you want but the music won’t stop, thanks to the IPX5 rating & sweat shield! You can activate your voice assistants with a mere touch and literally command your day, the way you want! So go ahead and hustle hard as Airpodes 291 has got your back! 

In the end, whichever best true wireless earbuds you pick, you can be sure of experiencing an absolute cord-free, interruption-free, full-power workout session which leaves you completely satisfied! You will be able to lift heavy weights, run miles, skip ropes, or do power yoga without being distracted.

The uncompromised sound quality of the earbuds does absolute justice to every note and ensures that you keep the BPM going, both for your heart & the music. These earbuds will eventually help you ace all your fitness goals. Not that you will only have fun during those sessions, your performance will also improve.

Pro secret: the exquisite design of all these earbuds are also perfect to click those gym selfies and upload on the gram for super likes!