Join the Groove: True Latest boAt Earphones

Cut the clutter of wire from your life & switch to nirvana by using boAt’s wireless earphones with mic!

Earphones have become an integral part of our life and lifestyle. They have become our escape routes to slip off in our world of music or gaming. Even the very thought of leaving the house without our saviors seems like a nightmare to so many of us.

But imagine taking out your wired earphones from your pockets and spending eons to untangle them, while deep down you're just craving for a soulful journey down the musical realm! Or the wire getting stuck while you're grooving to your favorite tune & you end up missing your favorite part.

Well, thanks to boAt’s exclusive range of true wireless earphones, cut the clutter of wire from your life and switch to a stylish and smarter way of listening. The elegantly styled in-ear earphones provide an absolutely hands-free experience and help you conquer the day. 

Be it while calling your friends, commuting to work, indulging in a high-power workout, immersing in a favorite song or podcast, or staying on top of your game while playing online, boAt’s earphones provide you with a wide range of features that sound just like music to your ears: 

Listen to magic: We know you love your music and hearing it through a device that does justice to every note is the only right way to do it!

You can definitely count on boAt’s wireless earphones to enjoy the superior sound quality with HD sound. Both Airdopes 402 & Airdopes 201 come with 10mm X 2 drivers, giving an extra punch to your playlist!

Airdopes 281 produce immersive sound with AAC. Both the earphones, together produce crisp & clear audio that is rich and laced with all the peculiarities & never make you miss out on small details like a sigh during a podcast or a lost scream while enjoying a horror movie!

Connect on the go: boAt’s bluetooth earphones are powered with the latest V5.0 technology that connects your earphones to your device at a phenomenal speed with minimum audio lag.

boAt’s Airdopes 441 come with the IWP (Insta Wake N’ Pair) technology, meaning the moment you open the charging case lid, the earbuds instantly enter the connection mode.

So there’s no wasting  time when you decide to have some fun!

Cut out the noise: As the modern saying goes - when the voices outside become a little too loud, you plug in your earphones and ignore the world!

And boAt’s noise-canceling earphones are all about sound with no strings or noise. The moment they realize the presence of an unwanted sound, they send out an opposite signal to cancel it out & what you end up hearing is actually what you wanted in the first place.

Designed to match your vibe: Ergonomically designed to ensure a sublime comfort of all-day listening! boAt’s wireless earphones come with ear tips to perfectly fit your ears.

The lightweight earphones with premium drivers feel as light as feathers and let you rock your every move. The bright dual-tone color of Airdopes 171 adds that extra dash of awesomeness to your everyday look! 

Sweat in style: Feel free to use these earphones anywhere & everywhere! Be it while you are burning those extra calories in a gym or taking a lazy stroll during a drizzly evening, these sweat-proof & rainproof earphones will keep you covered!

IPX7 rated Airdopes 441 offers a commendable resistance to water scares & keeps on pumping out great music! The secure fit ear hooks of Airdopes 201 and Airdopes 441 make it a perfect companion for a sweaty workout while still being high on style! 

Intelligent touch controls: One-tap to answer the phone or double-tap to play or pause music! Easy - peasy, it’s so sleeky!

The intuitive & handy controls located on each earpiece come handy especially while you are driving or on an excursion! The stereo calling feature of Airdopes 171 gives smooth-talking a whole new angle and makes them the best wireless earphones with mic.

Summon your voice assistants: Interact with Siri or Google Now by activating them with a single touch on your Airdopes 402 or a single press on the Multi Control button on the Airdopes 171!

This allows you to control your music, make calls, increase or decrease the volume or ask for directions or weather without even lifting a finger! 

Small size, big battery: Even with its compact design, boAt’s true wireless bluetooth earphones are packed with humongous battery life!

So if you like hustling & need your music to keep you pumped throughout the day, you can easily depend upon Airdopes 441 as they provide up to 30H of pure audio bliss with case! 

So don’t hold back and bring back the gaming nights, binge on your favorite series, or delve deep into the wonders of pure blissful music without worrying about the sound quality, battery life, or messing them up in a gym as boAt’s earphones are definitely wirelessly limitless.

Be it rock or pop, you will never miss a drop. Whenever you put these on, the world fades and your music shines on!  
October 19, 2020