Listen to the #SoundThatMatters – Let’s Talk About Active Noise Cancellation

Listen to the #SoundThatMatters – Let’s Talk About Active Noise Cancellation

So, who’s up for a cool story? Once upon a time, in the land of Audiophilia, there used to be a school of warriors. There, students were trained in defeating a great enemy called Noise…and its many agents who went by the name Decibels. As you can imagine, these Decibels were menacing.

So, who’s up for a cool story?

Once upon a time, in the land of Audiophilia, there used to be a school of warriors. There, students were trained in defeating a great enemy called Noiseand its many agents who went by the name Decibels.

As you can imagine, these Decibels were menacing. They would attack the Audiophilia citizens everywhere – on the journey back home, at work meetings, or when they would be preparing for some exam or festival. Sometimes, these Decibels would even attack them on Sundays when people would be meditating or simply trying to rest and relax! After all, Noise and its Decibels would never rest!

Fed up, the citizens of Audiophilia started training warriors to keep Noise and Decibels at bay. While the warriors were good, they could never be done with the Decibels for good. Why? Because they were trained only to defend in the event of a Decibel attack. But then, a new warrior was born to break this cycle…

His name was Anc and he had a very astonishing power: he could create agents of his own called Reverse Decibels!Which meant that whenever a Decibel and a Reverse Decibel would collide, they would both be instantly destroyed! This allowed him to actively go on the hunt for Decibels and slay them instead of just reacting to an attack on his land. That’s what superheroes do, right?

And, thus, was born the legend of Anc…the conqueror of Noise!

Cool story, right? Well, the next time when someone looks at your awesome pair of boAt Airdopes 601 ANC and asks you,Dude, what’s this ANC?’, you will have a story to blow their minds.

Or if you want to come across as a tech wizard, we have even more for you below.

Active Noise Cancellation – What’s the Hype All About?

We’ll admit it…Active Noise Cancellation is a pretty big deal in the world of audio. Which is why we can’t stop raving about it at boAt.

There was a time when only the most expensive headphones and audio monitors had this technology. But we said ‘Nah! True boAtheads and audiophiles deserve it’, and here we are. However, it’s easy to confuse ANC with Passive Noise Cancellation which is simply shutting out ambient noise by forming a tighter seal over your earcup or using extra padding. Well, just like the superhero of Audiophilia, ANC is different…and much, much better!

What ANC does is it uses microphones to actively listen for any ambient noise signal. Hear, hear!

Then, after capturing that signal, it reverses it to form an anti-noise signal. Next, this anti-noise signal is then fed into the ear over the captured noise signal and the audio being played on the earphones. As you can imagine, both neutralise each other…leaving you enjoying the company of only the #SoundThatMatters. This is what we call ‘Active Noise Cancellation’.

Now that you know the different between Passive and Active Noise Cancellation, you would probably appreciate the boAtAirdopes 601 ANC even better.

But hang on…we’re not done yet…because the 601 ANC takes it one step further!

Active Noise Cancellation – Different Types, Different Results

Yes, even ANC comes in different types.

Feedforward ANC

Simply put, in this type of Active Noise Cancellation, the mic sits outside the audio device and maps the noise signal that the user will hear, thereby neutralising it. Although it has great noise sensitivity, it is mostly good only for mid-frequency sounds like traffic or speech. However, low-frequency sounds can bleed in, especially if the fit is inadequate. In fact, a feedforward ANC can even amplify certain kinds of ambient noise like the howling of the wind!

Feedback ANC

The second kind of Active Noise Cancellation involves placing the mic inside the audio device and closer to the ear. This is more accurate than Feedforward ANC since it captures and cancels the true noise that a user hears. However, it is susceptible to diminish the quality of your music or microphone audio since these sounds are clubbed together with the noise that the interior mic filters!

Hybrid ANC

So, you must be thinking why not combine both feedforward and feedback? Bingo! This is where boAt’s technology in the 601 ANC comes into play. While Hybrid ANC requires more power, it is highly adaptable and suppresses a large frequency range of noise – both ambient and internal – to provide you with the rush of true audiophilia!

That being said, no noise cancellation technology completely eliminates background noise. It is mostly effective against droning sounds of a constant intensity and frequency. Bummer! But yes, with hybrid, you can actually reduce noise to almost 1/6th of its original hullabaloo…which is more than fantastic to let you enjoy your favourite songs or attend voice calls even in


Airdopes 601 ANC – Hybrid ANC up to 33 dB 

Whether it’s the 32 dB rumbling of the old air conditioner, an irritable 110 dB horn or the annoying 60 dB voice of your colleague, boAt Airdope 601 ANC’s hybrid active noise cancellation wipes the floor with all kinds of monstrous decibels. Inside lies the coolest tech that adapts to and corrects noise errors to give you up to 33 dB of industry-leading noise cancellation…inside true wireless earbuds!

With the hybrid ANC feature, you get a truly distraction-free space anywhere, anytime – be it at work or play or rest or travel or whatever floats your boat. On top of that, the 601 ANC also packs 4x more mics equipped with ENxTM – another tech that lets you be heard clearly with advanced beamforming, cascaded noise reduction and dynamic processing.

Swipe gesture touch controls let you level up your music and audio control game with simple touches, while you also get 4.5 hours playback with ANC and 28 hours in total if including the case.

Well, Anc…the superhero of Audiophilia…would feel proud. And so should you, if you happen to be the newest owner of the hottest pair of TWS earbuds in town.

So, keep the noise monsters away…and listen to only the #SoundThatMatters. Adios!