Have You Met #YourStyleWingman? Introducing Misfit T200 3-in-1 Grooming Kit for Men

Have You Met #YourStyleWingman? Introducing Misfit T200 3-in-1 Grooming Kit for Men

Introducing Misfit T200, the go-to companion for all your grooming needs.

Happiness is looking at your freshly groomed face in the mirror right before you head out to hustle. Isn’t that right, boys? 

Be it styling your proud beard just like your favourite celeb or trimming out the excess for a clean, slick feel, men swear by getting their hair grooming right. And facial hair has become the ultimate symbol of style that everyone just loves to flaunt. 

But getting your hair styling and grooming needs right is the difference between ‘suave’ and ‘shabby’. Which is why every man’s heavy-duty trimmer or beard styler often occupies such a sweet spot in their bathroom cabinets or bedroom shelves. After all, it is the ultimate tool to make you go from good-looking to great-looking and from sleepyhead to date-ready within minutes.

But is a regular trimmer for men enough? Don’t you think you deserve the best trimmer for men  out there...something that’s not just a grooming tool...but #YourStyleWingman? Something that not just trims but makes you cut above the rest?

Yes, that’s what we’re talking about. Why try to fit in with the crowd with a regular trimmer for men when you can get the best trimmer for men...as part of a 3-in-1 grooming kit? 

Presenting the Misfit T200 3-in-1 Grooming Kit

Shave off your grooming worries, pal, and get the perfect look you deserve – right from immaculate beard styling and sophisticated nasal hair trimming to slick and smooth manscaping. 

Do it all with the T200 3-in-1 grooming kit – our latest gizmo from the house of Misfit that would have you looking drop-dead Insta-worthy within minutes! 

Here’s what you call the ‘best trimmer for men’ that can do it all, thanks to its:

  • sleek and safe Titanium blades, 
  • a mammoth 120 minutes of runtime, 
  • easy-as-you-like 0.5-12 mm trimming range, and 
  • adjustable length settings to master the look for every occasion!

So, what’s in the kit? Let’s dive right in. 

  • A 120-minute battery that never lets you down 

There’s nothing worse than taking out your beard styler or trimmer for a quick groom and it doesn’t have the juice. Thankfully, the Misfit T200 3-in-1 – #YourStyleWingman – lets you move over trimmer battery issues and lets you trim anytime, anywhere with a long-lasting 120-minute lithium battery. And don’t worry...it only takes 1.5 hours to juice it up to 100%!

  • Smoooooth as you like – thanks to the Titanium blade 

The best trimmer for men is usually one that is gentle on your skin at all times. That’s where Misfit T200 3-in-1’s extremely skin-friendly titanium blade gives you a real upgrade over run-of-the-mill stainless steel blades. Now, trim your hair effortlessly without worrying about ever roughing up your skin. 

  • When it comes to looking good, precision matters 

Like to keep your stubble trimmed down to a T? Or a much more shapely beard? How about keeping it casual and consistent? Misfit T200 3-in-1 trimmer for men offers a fantastic 0.5-12 mm range that lets you achieve maximum barber-like precision, whether it’s different beard lengths or a zero-trim look! What’s more, #YourStlyeWingman also gives you 4 different combs that combine with 5 length settings to ahieve a myriad of styles – right from professional short stubbles to a styled beard or even a clean, zero beard visage!

  • Your 3-in-1 Style Wingman

Why settle for just a trimmer when you get an array of grooming solution attachments? The Misfit T200 3-in-1 can be used as a beard trimmer and beard styler, a nasal hair trimmer and even for manscaping as you like. Truly a one-man-army!

  • Designed for class, designed for you

Misfit T200 3-in-1’s perfectly ergonomic design brings you an easy grip, making trimming a breeze from all angles. The IPX6 water resistance keeps your device safe and durable for long. You also get the option to go with a cord or a cordless – meaning incredible portability and convenience on the go. Add to that USB charging, and you’ll never leave your travel kit without the Misfit T200 3-in-1!

If you ever needed a style wingman to help you look your best for every occasion under the sun, then consider your prayers heard. Happiness is owning a Misfit T200 3-in-1 grooming kit – and owning your unique look with pride!