Into The Metaverse We FloAt…

Into The Metaverse We FloAt…

Join in on the fun and craze as boAt plunges head on into the floatverse. Read on for more exciting events as we are just getting started!

For the dreamers and the doers that make up our boAthead crew, experiencing one world was never enough. Knowing how our community of crazy and passionate boAtheads likes to have fun, it was about time we took them on an unbelievable ride to a whole new universe!

We forayed into the futuristic world of Metaverse with India’s first K-Pop concert, and it was K-razy! Organising an event that crosses all thresholds of imagination, we entered a futuristic realm and made the unthinkable possible! Yes, we’re talking about the boAt FloAtverse – our first-ever meta moment that took the world by storm on August 20, 2022. 

FloAtverse – A Meta Moment To Remember

The boAt FloAtverse was definitely a moment to remember! We brought the country’s K-Pop kraze to life by kicking off this one-of-a-kind meta moment with India’s first K-Pop concert in another dimension. Everyone from the performing artists to the attendees of the concert were grooving to the tunes of K-Pop madness in a meta world curated by the multiplayer gaming app Loka. And what made the boAthead crew even more excited for the journey? A golden chance to win a ticket to Seoul and a ton of other exciting giveaways!

But why K-Pop though? Well, we noticed that the global musical phenomenon from South Korea has been sweeping the world off its feet – and that includes its growing popularity amongst the young guns in India. 

From drawing in millions of Indian listeners across audio streaming platforms to birthing new-age artists in India, K-Pop is becoming a sensation for the digitally-empowered crossing of cultural divides and the age-old universality of music. To us, it represented modern-day fandom in its best version – invested with a spirit full of youthful energy and street-smart attitude. A fandom that comprised close-knit communities unafraid to experiment with their tastes and do what floats their boAt. 

We brought all these k-razy elements together for a night that boAtheads surely won’t forget for a while! Lo and behold, the FloAtverse, an enthralling experience full of music and fun in the offbeat location of Metaverse. 

What Went Down On K-Day 

On K-Day, i.e., 20th August 2022, we painted the town purple with India’s trendiest K-Pop idols and performers taking to the virtual stage in FloAtverse. The concert was headlined by none other than Priyanka Mazumdar who is one of India’s most loved K-Pop artists. Accompanying her was India’s favourite star Rashmika Mandanna who made sure to get the crowd grooving to all things fun at the FloAtverse. Adding fuel to the fire was our host, the internet sensation Radhika Bangia, who dazzled audiences with her wit and charm. Indeed, lucky were all the boAtheads who grabbed the golden opportunity to interact with their favourite stars and made the night more memorable. 

As they danced and sang to their favourite K-Pop tunes – including Priyanka’s latest single ‘Rock with boAt’ song – fans truly immersed themselves in a fun gamified version of Connaught Place and won amazing prizes! There were crazy discounts and exclusive boAt merchandise on offer. Fans also had the opportunity to collect 30 ‘boAt cards’ in the FloAtverse to get a chance to float to Seoul – all while being connected over their phones! 

We Rocked The Meta Like Never Before

Saying that the boAt FloAtverse was a night to remember would be an understatement. 

For us, this k-razy moment was the beginning of something epic! Our first step into Metaverse was an ode to you all who are unafraid to go all out into the unknown and are always ready to broaden your horizons. We’re thrilled to have forayed into the alternate universe of the meta world in style, and we can’t wait for all the fun that’s yet to come. Kudos to all those who joined us on this k-razy ride to a world where passion for music collided to give rise to a new, exciting, innovative, and stellar reality. 

Until next time, boAtheads. Till then, keep rocking and do what floats your boAt!