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Into the Bat Cave Secrets

In the wake of new threats, Batman plans to neutralise the power hitters he holds dear in case they engage with this new threat—a thing that can be catastrophic for the planet. Take a peek into the Bat Cave Secrets to know Batman's contingency plans.

‘The Black Adam vs Superman Battle is Only a Matter of Time…And I Must STOP IT!’ – Inside Batman’s Contingency Plan for the Most Epic Showdown 

This is Batman. 


FILE NAME: Knight’s_Watch_20221116

PASSWORD: DeltaCharlie-27-1939

It has been coming. A war…where an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. A battle that will leave nothing but destruction in its wake…possibly even perpetrated by those I hold dear. 

But not under my watch. 

Ever since the man from the tomb, now identified as the Black Adam, was reported to the Justice League by agent Amanda Waller, I have been watching him carefully for new developments. 

A 4600-year-old hurting father reawakened to avenge the death of his son and protect his homeland of Kahndaq. Or is Black Adam a super-being who holds unimaginable powers given to him by his Gods…powers too destructive for our world? 

The stamina of Shu, the speed of Horus, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aten, and the courage of Mehen. I know of only one man who can match that. 

The Man of Steel

Clark believes that the jury is still out on what Black Adam’s true intentions are. I, for one, completely agree. My sources tell me that Superman has already paid Black Adam a visit. The outcome of their words would not have amounted to much. 

But one thing is for sure: the outcome of Superman going blow for blow with Black Adam spells doom for the planet. We, at the Justice League, cannot let that happen at any cost. But I worry for them…especially Diana. 

Like Clark, she has been left agitated by the awakening of Black Adam and the events that have followed since. Therefore, in the event of a likely confrontation between the Black Adam and the Man of Steel, I have no doubt that the Wonder Woman would join in. 

Now, should the members of the League turn rogue in their attempt to disengage Black Adam, we must have plans in place to handle each and every one of them before they wreak havoc which the innocents would not be able to survive. 

Even though they are my team mates, we must be prepared for the worst. 

I must be prepared for the worst.


Now, time to revisit my contingency plans.


ENABLE NEW PROTOCOL: Agamemnon Contingency. 



OBJECTIVE: Disable Black Adam.  

The Black Adam remains unfamiliar territory for me. However, one insight has become known to me, as relayed by ancient texts unearthed from the excavation of Kahndaq. The following protocol must be enacted to disable Black Adam and prevent the clash between Superman and him – an event that is sure to consign the planet to endless ruin.

Play a secret recording of Black Adam’s magic words…SHAZAM…in his voice, back to him. That should return Black Adam to his alleged original form according to the Kahndaq scrolls: Teth-Adam, a wiry old man. The reverse transformation should give us enough time to capture him in his old form and seal his mouth. This protocol is yet to be tested. Agents have been activated to capture the recording. To be updated after testing my hypothesis.

Moving on…should the two members of the Justice League – Superman and Wonder Woman – become a threat knowingly or unknowingly during the altercation, refer to the following: 



OBJECTIVE: Disable Superman.

Superhuman strength, speed and resilience. Superman is the most powerful being in existence. The following protocols must be enacted to disable Superman should things go south in order to ensure our survival. 

Obtain the sample of Kryptonite provided by Superman to me years ago. Carefully stored in Vault 7B, this Kryptonite sample is enough to weaken and immobilise the Man of Steel with brief exposure. Warning: Prolonged exposure of the sample could be fatal. As an alternative, trapping Superman in a room filled with ionising radiation or red sun radiation is suggested. However, further testing is required to determine the exact side effects of its exposure. To be updated later.



OBJECTIVE: Disable Wonder Woman.

Diana is a close friend. Facing her in combat would, therefore, be most difficult should she turn rogue or indulge in a conflict with Black Adam. The following protocol must be enacted in order to disarm Wonder Woman. 

An injection of Nanites. Stored away in my personal vault at the HQ. When injected, nanites will have the effect of trapping Wonder Woman in a virtual world. That is the perfect ploy to pit her against a virtual, equally powerful enemy. Knowing Diana, she would not give up without eliminating her foe, eventually leading to her immobilisation due to exhaustion.  

Hmmm. That should do it. 

Now, I must begin my preparations. It has been too long since Earth last saw a threat of Omega level. With Superman and Wonder Woman eager to enforce justice should Black Adam bare his teeth, I must not let my guard down. 

Training must be amped up if I am to defend the planet and the people. My latest boAt Xtend‌ DC Edition—official DC merchandise from boAt—should help keep me on my toes with its multiple active modes and reminders to update the Agamemnon Contingency plan soon. 

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On that note, if you have somehow got your hands on this confidential plan and I have fallen, I trust you to do what is best for the planet. 

Stop the war at all costs. 

And fear no one. Remember, the night is the darkest just before dawn.