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Aman Gupta boAt (Shark Tank India 2) Age, Net worth, Email ID, Education & More

Hey Sherlock,

we know you keep searching for things on the internet — after all, what better source is there in our times. People search for all kinds of things online, ranging from why are we born to Shark Tank season 2 release date. Just to give you some perspective, here are a few things you can commonly find in our search history:

Shark Tank season 2 release dateShark Tank season 2 release date

and a long list of all things weird….

Aur humein Interpol se khabar mili hai that you search a lot about Aman Gupta, right? Now that you have so many questions about him, you might as well get the answers from the right source — boAt’s own hockey ke khiladi.

Shark Tank season 2 JudgeShark Tank season 2 Judge

So, in the spirit of things,
we’ll answer your questions but in the way the man himself would.

(Disclaimer: Since Aman Gupta and boAt cannot really be separated, we’ve joined the two here quite literally. So don’t be surprised to read ‘Aman Gupta boAt’ written below. It’s not a mistake.)

What is Aman Gupta boAt age?

Umar jaan ke kya karna hai? Aise sawaal nahi puchne chahiye.

Aman Gupta Shark Tank AgeAman Gupta Shark Tank Age

But we’ll try to answer you. Aman Gupta boAt age is not under 30 for sure. And he was in BusinessWorld’s 40 under 40 list in 2020.

Aman Gupta Shark Tank JudgeAman Gupta Shark Tank Judge

Toh humein ek hi jawaab mila that we can’t risk our job by revealing that. All we can tell you is to stop looking for “Aman Gupta boAt age” because…

Aman Gupta boAt ageAman Gupta boAt age

Okay… so… drum rolls please. On a serious note, he is 41 as on 18 October 2022.

What is Aman Gupta boAt net worth?
Aman Gupta Shark Net WorthAman Gupta Shark Net Worth

Reality: Let’s just say that Aman Gupta boAt has some serious net worth and has mass public appeal. He’s pretty much Delhi’s own Bruce Wayne. And we have more reasons to say that. It’s not just that Aman Gupta made it big and kept it to himself. He has been actively giving back to society. There have been partnerships with the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation and Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation for talent development. That’s not it, there’s more – like the special scholarship created just for Prathamesh.

But if you still want an exact number of Aman Gupta boAt net worth, scroll on.

Aman Gupta boAt net worthAman Gupta boAt net worth

But, it is safe to say that Aman Gupta boAt net worth is a lot… like A LOT.

What is Aman Gupta boAt email id?
Aman Gupta Email IdAman Gupta Email Id

Email ka kya karega? Tu ghar aaja.

So we did some research. Aur humaare khufiyaan sutron se pata chala hai ki Aman Gupta lives somewhere near Roop Mahal, Prem Galli, Kholi no. 420.

What about Aman Gupta boAt education?

Okay, curious one. This is just the right question to look for and it might just help you a little too. So we’ll answer this one seriously. Not many know about Aman Gupta boAt education and the fact that he is an Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad alumnus where he did his MBA. Aman Gupta boAt is also a commerce graduate from University of Delhi.

This was followed by a series of good jobs. But he got true satisfaction from work when he chose to do what floats his boAt by starting his own company.

Is Aman Gupta a CA?

Yes, it is true that he is a CA. It’s just that unlike most CAs, he does not show off by adding it as a prefix – “CA Aman Gupta” – everywhere. He passed those dreaded exams but marketing always intrigued him. So when he saw an opportunity in the audio industry, he thought of making a brand and said:

Aman Gupta EducationAman Gupta Education

But to make sure it gets into your subconscious, we’ll sprinkle the words “CA Aman Gupta boAt” around this blog.

How to meet Aman Gupta?
How to meet Aman Gupta?How to meet Aman Gupta?

Here, we’ll tell you a story that will actually tell you how to meet CA Aman Gupta boAt. Rewind to 2015. Back then CA Aman Gupta boAt was just Aman Gupta. He had a well paying job, a family, and everything was hunky-dory.

But the 35-year-old Aman wasn’t happy with the work he was doing. All Aman Gupta boAt needed was a nudge, and he found it in the insufficient raise that he got (his words not ours). Like a filmy entrepreneurial origin story, a dissatisfaction at his job made Aman Gupta boAt leave his job and get in the making of something legendary. Now he has a brand of his own which is big enough to generate jobs for thousands.

Now coming to the main point. Here is a step-by-step way for you to meet Aman Gupta boAt.

  • Step 1: Go on a job hunting spree
  • Step 2: Follow boAt on Linkedin
  • Step 3: Check for boAt’s job openings. Apply for the one that suits you.
  • Step 4: Crush the interview and get selected.
  • Step 5: Ta-da! You can meet boAt Aman Gupta casually walking around in the office.

We’re not joking here. This is how we got to meet him too.

So today, we gave you answers about Aman Gupta boAt age, Aman Gupta boAt net worth, Aman Gupta boAt email id, and Aman Gupta boAt education journey. We clarified whether Aman Gupta is CA Aman Gupta boAt, and finally how to meet boAt’s very own superhero – A-Man!

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That’s it for today. In closing we’ll just say:

Aman Shark Tank India JudgeAman Shark Tank India Judge

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