Best Wireless Headphones For Workouts At Home

Best Wireless Headphones For Workouts At Home

The Best Wireless Headphones to go for when working out at Home!

If working out is an essential part of your health care routine then you will definitely understand the importance of a good workout playlist! It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore bodybuilder, a power walker or a yoga practitioner, good music pushes you to achieve all your fitness goals.

Even research has shown that the right type of tune and tempo can keep you in the zone for longer! It keeps you motivated and makes the exercise feel less hard, even when you’re going at the same intensity.

Since every fine-tuned playlist requires a great set of headphones to keep those tunes in steady supply, we have curated a list of boAt’s finest wireless headphones that will help you keep on pushing harder.

As we understand that most of you are working out from home these days, all of these headphones fit your at-home requirements as well prove to be ideal for your socially distanced outside activities as well:-

1. Rockerz 550

These over-head Bluetooth wireless headphones are designed for the ones who take their music as seriously as their workout!

They sit comfortably over your ears while you jump around the house and the plush padded earcups apart from offering utmost comfort ensure that you do not get distracted by any unwanted noise.

Equipped with the latest BluetoothV5.0, these stay connected to your device for up to 10m, ensuring that no cord comes in your path to fitness. The 50mm Dynamic Drivers keep on pumping out great sound across the highs, mids and bass.

Talking about the battery life, these are packed with a powerful 500mAh battery that ensures that you get up to 20H of pure musical bliss. So, count on these passive noise-cancelling headphones for a power-packed workout with steady music support! 


2. Rockerz 510

Choose these headsets to get a thumping bass that keeps you motivated and keeps you going, even when you feel like that you are on the verge of quitting.

Powered with boAt’s signature sonic high definition sound with extra bass and balanced treble, these give you an unmatched and uncompromised listening experience. The foam inside the ear pads ensures that you are extremely comfortable while sweating out to your favourite tunes!

Moreover, the adjustable headband gives you the freedom to adjust your device as per your choice! Even when you are done with your heated workout, these stay on to play relaxing music for up to 20H.

Additionally, the easy controls let you play, push, stop, skip, songs and adjust the volume. Not just these, but you can access voice assistant features and make hands free calls.


3. Rockerz 450 

Superior design, perfect sound quality and great battery life- these headphones nearly have everything that you will need!

The 40mm Drivers pump out HD music quality that gives you an immersive sound experience. The soft cornered matte finish with adaptive earcups gives a comfortable fit to the headphones! The headband supports the already so lightweight headphones on your head!

These headphones will keep on performing, even when you stop as they come with a powerful 300mAh battery that gives a non-stop playback time of up to 15 hours. You can use either Bluetooth or AUX to connect to your device and be ready to listen to impressive music! 


4. Rockerz 610 

If you are looking for comfortable and powerful headphones then Rockerz 610 is definitely meant for you!

As these come with a soft ear cushion, you are guaranteed to forget about them sitting on your ears! Thanks to the easy controls, you can play/pause, change tracks and adjust volume and even answer calls with a simple tap on the earcup!

Designed to play blissful music for up to 20H, these wireless headphones are an instant catch! The balanced High Definition Sound of the headphones instantly transcends you to a soulful world of magical music!


5. Nirvana 715 ANC

Say goodbye to the chaotic outside world & listen to only what you want as these are the best noise-cancelling headphones!

Powered with smart wave technology, you can gesture, swipe or tap to control your musical journey. The ambient sound mode gives you a superior listening experience that is absolutely rich & free of any clutter!

The over-ear ergonomic design gives this beast a comfortable touch and makes them adjustable and foldable. Interesting, right?

Well, you can also enhance the portability of these headphones with a case that makes them easy to carry around! You can choose from the dual-mode: wired or wireless and enjoy music as per your convenience as these can be easily paired over optimum Bluetooth V5.0 or wire! There’s is legit nothing not to like in these state-of-the-art headphones! 


Now you must be wondering, all these qualities must make these very expensive. Well, boAt’s wireless headphones price is such that you won’t ever regret spending money!

Trust us, when you invest in any of these headphones, it will be worth every penny! These won’t drop again and again mid a burpee and most importantly they offer an excellent sound quality!

With a reliable battery to back these up, you are guaranteed to have an energetic workout and push your limits! Some of these even come with an extraordinary noise-cancellation feature that helps you not only get into the zone but also stay there!