5 Best Hacks To Keep Your Earphones Untangled

5 Best Hacks To Keep Your Earphones Untangled

The Best Ways To Untangle Your Wired Earphones

Do you often listen to podcasts or music? Do you depend upon your earphones to speak your mind on calls? Does watching online movies or playing mobile video games seem incomplete when you don’t have your favourite earphones plugged in? Then undoubtedly your earphones play a significant role in your everyday life!

But now answer this honestly - how many times have you pulled out your earphones from your bag or pocket and found them in a knotty mess? 

And when this happens, you are forced to stop doing what you are doing and first deal with the messy bundle. And if you are pressed for time, you try to untangle them while you are still speaking on the call or walking on the street!

How frustrating, right? And trust us, this feeling is absolutely mutual and that’s why we have curated some hacks for you to go through that can help you keep your best-wired earphones untangled. 

1. Hook-em up 

First & foremost, unplug your headset from your device. It will help you move the cord freely. Then start folding or wrapping your earphones in a figure-8 pattern using your first finger and little finger as guides.

When you are about to finish, just wrap the end in the middle and stick the earphone jack through the loops to secure it. This is a super easy and most commonly practised method to keep your earphones from unravelling and becoming a mess that you will hate undoing later! Moreover, you don’t need any special tools to do this, it’s literally all in your hands! 

 2. Braid up the wires

Some of us already know how to make braids! We used to even make bracelets from strings when we were young! Use that talent of yours to keep your favourite noise-cancelling earphones out of trouble!

Just use a regular string to braid up the wires and voila, you did not only just give a cool makeover to your earphones but also prevented them from some wear and tear.

However, we do understand that it takes a little bit of time to do all of this, but the result is definitely going to be completely worth it! All it will take is a few materials and a little bit of creativity! 

 3. Use your phone

Now if you are someone who just cannot even imagine separating your two most favourite devices from each other, this method is gonna do wonders for you! 

Just simply use your mobile phone to wrap your earphones around. Just hold on to the open end and start folding it around your phone.

Easy, right? This will on one hand ensure that you never forget your earphones, and at the same time make your earphones stay ready and free for you to use! 

 4. The binder clip 

Improvise when you do not want to indulge in the tedious exercise of untangling your best wired-earphones!

Just grab a mid-size binder clip and use it to hold your wrapped earphones in place so that they don’t get tangled up in your bag, or simply use them as an actual wrapping tool. Just slap on the binder clip near the earpiece end and begin wrapping the cord around metal arms.

What’s more? You can even clip it onto your backpack and quickly use them whenever needed! This versatile method is definitely a saviour when your boss suddenly calls you while you are commuting! 

 5. Wind it around an old card

This is an old trick to keep your earphones safe!

Just find any old non-functioning reward card and grab a pair of scissors and a punch hole. Make a curved or half-moon cut along the card’s length and punch one hole on one end and two holes on the other.

Cut a slit on each hole and insert your earphones’ earbuds into the 2 slits. Coil the wire around the card’s narrow middle and then slide the jack through the remaining slit! 


Having given you a few hacks to keep your earphones safe and mess-free. Let’s also give you a little advice to easily untangle the wires, if you already have a messy bundle in front of you.

Firstly, avoid untangling the cord when your jack is still connected to the mobile phone.

Secondly, make them lie flat on a clutter-free surface and start looking for knots and only undo one at a time. It comes without saying you should never pull them harshly as it might cause them harm and also damage the internal wire.

However, we have one more solution for you to free from this tangled nuisance: Bluetooth earphones! Cut the clutter of wires as you can connect these true wireless earphones to your mobile device over Bluetooth and enjoy uninterrupted listening or calling for long hours.

If this doesn’t work for you then make sure that you select earphones that come with tangle-free wires! For example boAt’s Bassheads 225.

These come with a tangle-free cable that is durable and doesn’t get coiled up every time you put them in your pocket! So go ahead, buy them now as a mess-free life awaits you all!