3 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Your Next Smartwatch

Missed a meeting because you weren’t notified? You are working out and eating healthy but don’t know how many calories you burnt? Or these days are you trying to go for that 8HRS sleep but have nothing to track the same?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes, then we have just the perfect solution for you (don’t we always do?)!

What is the solution you ask? *drumrolls* 

            Presenting you the perfect innovative solution: SMARTWATCH!

Let us start by telling you why it is important for you to know the factors you must consider before buying a smartwatch. 

Knowing what you buy will keep three parties happy: You, us, and your parents who can finally relax while seeing you spend the money on something worth this time.


1. Fitness, not Sickness 

In these unprecedented times where everything is going just not how you planned it to go, we know now why SpO2 tracking is a necessity. Choose a smartwatch that tracks your SpO2 and keeps a check on your health so that you never enter panic mode. 


This one fact makes it a smart buy as it won’t just take care of you but also the people around you. So invest in a smartwatch that keeps your fitness a priority.

  • Since Work From Home has become the reality for most of us now, the level of distress around us has considerably increased. In these times it is imperative that we take care of our physical as well as mental health and de-stress from the hectic schedule. None of us thought about how our personal and professional life will jingle like this. We are all looking for that one ray of sunshine that brings some light to the over tiring days.

 Let your smartwatch be that ray for you. Look for the feature of “guided meditation”  in a smartwatch to help you de-stress in these times and to make you feel much better and less stressed.

We understand that you can only work better when you feel better.

2. The Backup You Are Looking For

     The second factor which you need to keep in mind has to be the battery backup. 

    Now we know you must be feeling like we are lecturing you on what/how to buy but believe us, we are just helping. So read along!

     Do you want a device that you have to put on charge now and then? A smartwatch that stays hanging more on the socket than your wrist? No, right? Fair point. We understand. Hence, knowing the battery backup is extremely important.

    boAt smartwatches come with a battery backup of 7-8 days (depending on usage) with just 2HRS of charge! 

    Unbelievable but true.

    3. An Adventure Partner That Suits Your Pocket  

      Now we come to the last factor which you absolutely need to keep in mind. If you are an enthusiast of nature, if you love adventures, and you want to keep track of your activities as well, then the thing that you keep in mind is if the watch is water-resistant and the active sports modes that it offers.

      Choose the Smartwatch with which you can track every moment from walking to climbing while also enjoying the rain pouring down on you; a sign from the universe, applauding you happily for finally investing in something good.

      You need to check what all features are accessible to you and if the pricing is worth it. And if the price is way less than the amazing features you are getting to access? Buy it without giving it a second thought!

      So here were our 2 cents on the factors that you need to consider before buying a smartwatch.

      If you are still reading, let us share a little secret since you clearly love us.

      *psst* boAt Smartwatches have all these factors and more, so rush and have yours before it gets out of stock! 

      Here’s a little secret from your favorite to ours.

      Now go GRAB YOUR SMARTWATCH NOW, your wrist needs it.

      June 07, 2021

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