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AMOLED Display 🎉 New Launch
8verified reviews
Lunar Peak
Sale price₹2,499 Regular price₹6,999

64% off

1.45" AMOLED Display AI Voice Assistant 100+ Sports Modes
30 Hours Playback 🎉 New Launch
11verified reviews
Rockerz 195V2 Pro
Sale price₹1,399 Regular price₹3,490

60% off

BEAST™ Mode 10mm Drivers Dual Pairing with BT
50 Hours Playback ✍️ Engraving Available 🎉 New Launch
8verified reviews
Immortal Katana Blade
Sale price₹2,299 Regular price₹3,999

43% off

RGB Lights BEAST™ Mode ASAP™ Charge
100 Hours Playback ₹300 OFF ON BIG300 🎉 New Launch
15verified reviews
Airdopes 200 Plus
Sale price₹1,599 Regular price₹5,490

71% off

BEAST™ Mode ENx™ Technology IPX5 Resistance
BT Calling 🎉 New Launch
7verified reviews
Lunar Comet
Sale price₹1,499 Regular price₹6,999

79% off

1.39" HD Display 10 Days Battery 100+ Sports Modes
Gaming Earbuds
7verified reviews
Immortal 170
Sale price₹1,199 Regular price₹3,499

66% off

40 Hours Playback ENx™ Technology BEAST™ Mode
30 Hours Playback ₹300 OFF ON BIG300
1verified reviews
Rockerz 245 V2 Pro
Sale price₹1,299 Regular price₹3,490

63% off

ENx™️ Technology ASAP™️ Charge BEAST™️ Mode
BT Calling
8verified reviews
Wave Sigma
Sale price₹1,599 Regular price₹7,499

79% off

2.01" HD Display 700+ Active Modes 100+ Watch Faces
Noise Cancellation ₹100 OFF ON BIG100
25verified reviews
Airdopes 141 ANC
Sale price₹1,799 Regular price₹5,990

70% off

42 Hours Playback Dual EQ Modes 13mm Drivers
50 Hours Playback
72verified reviews
Airdopes 161 Pro
Sale price₹1,499 Regular price₹4,990

70% off

Bluetooth V5.3 BEAST™ Mode IWP™ Technology
100 Hours Playback ₹500 OFF ON BIG500
83verified reviews
Airdopes Max
Sale price₹1,499 Regular price₹5,490

73% off

ENx™ Technology ASAP™ Charge BEAST™ Mode
BT Calling
16verified reviews
Wave Fury
Sale price₹1,299 Regular price₹6,999

81% off

30 Days Battery Life 1.83" HD Display 50+ Sports Modes
120 Hours Playback ₹200 OFF ON BIG200 ✍️ Engraving Available
55verified reviews
Nirvana Ion
Sale price₹2,299 Regular price₹7,990

71% off

ENx™ Technology BEAST™ Mode Dual EQ Modes
Gaming Earbuds
15verified reviews
Immortal 131
Sale price₹1,099 Regular price₹3,490

69% off

Up to 40 Hours Playback BEAST™ Mode ENx™ Technology
45 Hours Playback ✍️ Engraving Available
182verified reviews

Best seller

Airdopes 131 PRO
Sale price₹999 Regular price₹2,990

67% off

Clear Calling BEAST™ Mode
₹300 OFF ON BIG300
71verified reviews
Rockerz 103 Pro
Sale price₹1,099 Regular price₹2,490

56% off

20 Hours Playback
54verified reviews
Rockerz 235 Pro
Sale price₹849 Regular price₹1,990

57% off

Voice Assistant BEAST™ Mode ENx™ Technology
40 Hours Playback ✍️ Engraving Available ✨Trending
150verified reviews

Best seller

Airdopes 161
Sale price₹999 Regular price₹2,490

60% off

ASAP™ Charge IWP Technology
₹15 off on UPI payments (Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm)

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