The Sidewalk Runway

The Sidewalk Runway

No matter what your style is, own it each day unapologetically! Here is a read for you on Street Style Fashion, how it began and how it became a revolution. 

Entering The Zone!

'B-boying in a saree.' Sounds unfamiliar, right? 

Well if this sounds unfamiliar then you cannot imagine what street fashion has done (in a good way, of course).

It's 2023 and what seems familiar to us is going to the office wearing cargo pants and quirky printed shirts.

It's time to tighten up the belts (or maybe just loosen them up) because we're about to ride through the journey of decoding patterns, not just of shirts but also of the revolution in street fashion.


There Is Always A History!

The evolution of street style started from the lanes of California. But, it continues to originate in India as a part of a revolution.

Communities of hip-hoppers, skateboarders, and sneakerheads started grooving their way for the misfits of society to move beyond conventionality and dress the way they want.

Speaking of which, we are sure most of you know the Indian-origin youtuber, Lilly Singh. Lilly makes a style statement every time she comes in front of the camera. Her unique way of dressing up inspired fans to embrace themselves. This has put so much impact on the fans that instead of just dressing up in a style people started 'owning' the type! So now you see people pulling off B-boying in a sherwani or saree & looking so cool, it is hard to not vibe with 'em! 


Personalizing The Look

Now that you know about the evolution of streetwear, it’s time for you to be a part of the revolution which will help you understand your style.

The beauty of streetwear lies not just in its comfort but also, in how much you can make that style yours. You heard it, there is never a space for contemplation but always a space for an extra ring or a wristband, or even that bucket hat that is waiting for you in the cupboard!

The creative liberty that street style offers makes it easily attainable as well. You can shower all your creativity using ‘Do-It-Yourself’ hacks from Youtube. From doing tie-dye on the whites to making the blue denim colorful is what makes DIY fun. And you know what’s more fun? If you accidentally spill red wine on your white t-shirt, you can get away with it by creating a beautiful piece of art out of it!


Vibe And Tribe

Creating art is not alien to the human race, it has always existed in us since childhood. Let us tell you how….

Here's a fact, you vibe more with the things that you relate to, not just in music, but even in fashion—wondering how India started vibing to street fashion? Recall when you used to make a dope blouse out of your mother's dupatta or when your father's shirt would become your long coat. All these times you were vibing to your own tunes while creating what we now call "streetwear". 

And, what's better than sharing the same vibe with different people who celebrate your uniqueness? If you find yourself being comfortable while 'standing out' in a crowd then you have successfully found your tribe in that crowd. So, don't be upset if they too wear the same cargo pants to the office. Instead, make them your shopping buddy!


The Forever-To-Be-Continued Revolution

A really smart member of our tribe (yes, the writer) always says that street fashion has brought light to the idea of going beyond the 'fit'. Art is in the comfort space of a person that helps them let loose and move around.

This is why the art of street style will never be confined to a time zone or to a generation. In fact, it's a revolution — a  revolution of bringing new ideas and thought processes into practice. Opening up minds and letting people pursue what they are passionate about is what makes street fashion approachable while promoting you to #DoWhatFloatsYourboAt.