boAt's First Dolby Power Neckband with Hybrid ANC Features: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Sound

boAt's First Dolby Power Neckband with Hybrid ANC Features: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Sound

Meet the all-new Nirvana 525ANC. World's first ever neckband that is powered by Dolby Audio. Want to learn more about its features and what Dolby Audio does? Read ahead.

Do you believe in magic? 

Many say it is real. Take teleportation as an example – the phenomenon of being transported from one place to another. Now, you may say that such a technology hasn’t been invented. But if you’re a true boAthead, you know that it is possible. Just put your boAt neckband🎧on, play your favourite song, and you’ll realise what we’re saying is true – no cap!  

Well, music and audio are magic. They hold the power to transport you to another world, another dimension, another era. 

So are the stunning wireless earphones and Bluetooth neckbands who bring the voice and sound from another world right into your ear. Thankfully, this is not the only magic trick our boAt earphones are able to pull off. How about listening to ‘personalized sound’ with the world’s first Dolby neckband


World, say hello to the all-new boAt Nirvana 525ANC – a Dolby-powered neckband earphone that lets you tailor your sound as if it were magic. Time to flex about our latest Bluetooth neckband that promises the perfect fusion of style and sound. Ready?


The Magic of Personalized Sound – All Thanks To Dolby

The Nirvana 525 ANC joins a long line of firsts by us as it brings you the world of magical Dolby sound in the form of a stylish Dolby neckband. Never has a Bluetooth neckband sported a ‘personalized sound’ system by Dolby that allows you to switch between preset EQ modes Dolby Movie and Dolby Natural via the boAt Hearables app, or the other iconic EQ mode – boAt Surround Sound

The Magic of a Dolby Neckband that Adapts to Your Ear – thanks to boAt Adaptive EQ 

And if this level of sound customization wasn’t awesome enough, the Nirvana 525 ANC Dolby earphone also provides with Adaptive EQs powered by Mimi. What this does is create a stunning sound output as per your hearing ability. How? By simulating the human ear in real time and replicating the signal manipulation processes of a healthy cochlea. The end result is the perfect sound for your ear sensitivity!

The Magic of Listening to Only the Sound that Matters – thanks to Hybrid ANC 42 dB+

All the magic of adaptive and personalized sound of the Nirvana 525 ANC would disappear if not for our final trick – an industry-leading Hybrid ANC feature that provides noise cancellation up to a whopping 42 dB! This Dolby neckband is all you need to find your zone by drowning out all the unwanted noise around – no matter where you are. 

boAt Nirvana 525 ANC – Feel the Magic

Of course, every magician must dress to impress. In that department, the style of the Nirvana 525 ANC is nothing short of being lit 🔥. 

The boAt Dolby neckband is designed to fit comfortably around your neck and provide a secure and stable connection with your devices thanks to Bluetooth v5.2. It boasts a sleek and stylish look, with a metallic finish and a magnetic earbuds holder. The neckband also has an IPX5 rating, which means it is water-resistant and sweat-resistant. Add to it a mammoth 30 hours of playtime and just 40 minutes to a quick full charge for an irresistible package. 

So, are you feeling the magic with boAt Nirvana 525 ANC yet? Grab it before it vanishes like a rabbit in the hat…🎩