Live Your Game with The All-New Immortal Series

It’s finally the weekend. You have waited all week, working your guts out to kick back. Ever since Friday evening, you were waiting to do a marathon of the new OP game you’ve just bought. You have your skills and game strategy ready. You plug in your normal headphones and start playing. Just 5 minutes into the game and you get bloody owned. 

Grr… damnit! You curse under your breath! 

“I couldn’t hear the gunshot! I wish I had better headphones.”

Your weekend is spoiled already.

Now, this is a nightmare for every gamer, isn’t it? All that grinding, but even so, you get owned. 

Call us a genie in a bottle or what, but we have heard your wish and GRANTED IT!

Yes, our gaming clan!

Let’s all clear the road for your new gaming partner: 


Cheer your loudest and sore your throats because, with Immortal headphones, it is time to level up.

We know you’re all ready for the next kill. So without further ado, let’s dig.

Make Every Victory Yours With IMMORTAL 1000D



Did you ever imagine that you’ll get:

  • Dolby Atmos
  • 7.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • Dual-Channel Headphones
  • 50mm Drivers
  • Breathing RGB LEDs

and so much more in one pair of headphones?

You did not, that is obvious. Neither did we. But with Immortal 1000D it is possible!

Oh wait, did we hear something? What? Oh! Tell you about other features? SURE, amigos! 

Change the course of your gaming experience with these super cool hardcore headphones. It is time for you to celebrate every victory with a bang because the breathing RGB LEDs on the earmuffs are rooting for you!


Did we tell you about the noise isolation yet? No? Well, allow us.

Play by your own rules with seamless driver customisation, with Immortal 1000D. These gaming headphones are for hardcore gamers like you. And while we’re quite the noobs (yes, you can flex your gaming skills at us), we have made sure you face no trouble whatsoever. The detachable mic feature allows you to have fun watching your favorite hand-picked films when not playing games. All-rounder much? Just like you, eh?

These powerful headphones will unlock the highest level of gaming for you, every time.

Play Like The Legend You Are With IMMORTAL 200


Nothing can stop you from marching towards unlocking the greatest achievement of your favourite game. Leave your friends agape as you outdo everyone's performance with Immortal 200. 

How? Here’s how. 

You know the feeling when you rush your opponents but fail because you only heard your enemies footsteps coming from one direction? With its 7.1 Channel Surround Sound, that would never happen again. Its theatre-like sound experience will make you aware of every shot fired at you. 

Ka-boom the enemy spot, what are you waiting for?

Do your favorite dance moves and let the breathing RGB LEDs dance with you on your unexpected (for you) but obvious (for us) victory!

Make every new level look like an easy peasy job with Dolby Atmos. Now, you won’t just play the game. You can own it, feel it and live it, like your very own Jumanji.


Not just this, both the gaming headphones of the Immortal Series are lightweight and ergonomically built. Its new breathable weave minimizes sweat and heat build-up generated by skin contact to keep you in peak form during gaming marathons. Not just this, the ultra-soft foam’s improved density reduces the headset’s clamping force, making hours of gaming super comfortable.

We got too much into the details, didn’t we? Well, don’t call us out for that, we are excited! And we are so sure you would be too once you get your hands on these beasts.

So, trust us when we tell you these gaming headsets are everything you’ve ever needed to take your gaming score from B+ to A+++. 

#LevelUpWithboAt today.

July 13, 2021

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