Everything You Need To Know About Your Next Trimmer

Bonjour, dear bearded (and non-bearded) friends!

Before we begin with the guide, we want you to repeat this after us:

Adorning ourselves doesn’t make us any less of a man
Using beauty products doesn’t make us any less of a man
Wearing light colors doesn’t make us any less of a man
SELF-CARE doesn’t make us any less of a man

We practice and preach this strongly. Men deserve to be pampered and shouldn’t be restricted within the toxic social norms of masculinity. Taking care of oneself is an act of great pride and responsibility. Gender has nothing to do with it. Personal hygiene is as important as building those muscles. You need to be well kept, neat, and tidy to feel the same.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Until now, we built a world of good vibes around you. Our exceptional audio wears became your partner through thick and thin. Oh, we see, some of you even became best friends!

But now the time has come for you to leave everyone agape. It is time for you to own your style and nail every bit of it. Be the funny you. Be the quirky you. Be the stylist extraordinaire. Let your looks kill. Embrace your own version of being a Misfit. 

Chop it, Keep it, Short it, Style it



The trimming range is the first thing you should check for, in a trimmer that you intend to buy. Yes, that is correct. If the trimming range is wider, it offers more room for you to freestyle with your beard. Whether it is a scruffy stubble that you need for your next vacation or the classic French Beard for that perfect office look - a wide-ranged trimmer will always have your back. 

This is where Misfit T200 comes in. With a bombastic range of 0.5 to 12mm, Misfit empowers you to choose the look of your dreams. Now, rather than wasting big chunks of money on every salon visit, just invest a small amount on the Misfit trimmer and carry your grooming partner everywhere.

A Blade That Glides, Not Strikes 

Yes, of course, the second most important thing to look for in trimmers is the quality and material of the blade. Although stainless steel has been given a nod, we always believe in improving our products for your experience. And when the stakes are as high as your beautiful face, we wouldn’t dare to choose anything but the best.

You must think - “what can be better than stainless steel?”, right? See, we are mind readers as well. The answer is Titanium. Titanium blades are ruthless for unwanted hair but a guardian angel for your skin. These blades enable effortless shaving/trimming and make your skin softer. The skin-friendly blades ensure you don’t suffer from cuts and have a good time grooming yourself.

Battery Runtime That Leaves You Surprised



Do you not get tired with the long grooming sessions? Trimmers that make you wait long enough for you to give up the idea to groom altogether. You do, right? 

So, the third thing is Battery life. You need to look for trimmers that charge up quickly and drain up slow. Just like Dhoni when in form. 

With Misfit T200, keep your charging worries at bay. The lithium battery gives you a runtime of 120 minutes in one charge. 

How much time does it take to charge?



Just 60 minutes and you are in for a ride, my man. 

So, you don’t have to haste before any party or a sudden date plan (you will get one once you start grooming) as your trimmer has got your back with an unbelievable runtime. 

Set It Before You Cut It

Go for a trimmer that gives you a varied range of choices between the length settings. So with a trimmer like Misfit, you can make any look your signature style. Go for a subtle look when you’ve to impress a formal crowd and be the life of the party as you own your Tom Cruise look. Win hearts wherever you go with your unique style; leave your mark in their hearts just like we leave ours in yours. 

So yes, a trimmer that gives you multiple length options.

Friendly and Flexible, Just Like You



Have a trimmer that charges quickly and with a universal USB. If flexible and convenient charging is on your checklist, Misfit is just the right fit for you.

Powered by IPX4, Misfit T200 is waterproof as well. So, be the clumsy you unapologetically. 

Final verdict: have an all-in-one grooming partner that charges itself and offers you A-Z grooming solutions. 

We hope this guide not only helps you in selecting the best for you but also motivates you in taking steps for yourselves. Decide that today is the day you change and give time to self-care. Once you have decided, just know Misfit is right here. 

June 23, 2021

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