Revel In The TRebel

Revel In The TRebel

Check out the new line of boAt Trebel products.

Resonating the sounds of rebellion in the month of March, we’re super excited to share our newest T Rebel collection of audio wear to unleash the rebel in you.

We invite you to break the shackles and make the noisiest music that gets you grooving, gets you moving and gets you fired up to reach the highest heights you can imagine and CONQUER it. 

We also understand that you need a soundtrack that makes your journey enjoyable to the fullest. 

So let’s dive deep into the spirit of the newest range of wireless earphones for girls and women: The Airdopes and how they complement the OG rebels of the world. We’re looking at you, women all around the globe! 

Flaunt your many shades of rebellion

Fierce, mellow, cold, hot, subtle, OUT THERE, whatever your shade of rebellion might be, we have all the colours to complement your true style for when you go out there to conquer the world. 

The dopest colours all come together in the range of women’s wireless earbuds: Airdopes of the T Rebel collection. So you can flaunt your style unapologetically, with your head held up high! 

Resist everything that comes in the way 

Sweat, tears, rain, no matter what comes in your way, embrace it with open arms, because it only makes you stronger! 

Just like our collection of women’s earbuds: Airdopes that come with the ultimate dust, sweat and splash resistance, so you can work out without getting worked up about your music companion! 

And why limit yourself to just working out, when you can climb the highest mountains, bike on the roughest terrains and go all out in the wild, wild outdoors? After all, the world is yours to wander. So keep your Airdopes close and the obstacles that come your way even closer! 

Stay connected to what inspires and motivates you

When you’re looking to reach the heights of where your dreams are, you know that even the sky is not the limit. This is why we want to introduce you to something that keeps you connected to what truly inspires and motivates you. We wish to help you reach all the greatest heights you make your journey towards. 

Our women’s wireless earbuds come with a 10m Bluetooth range and 5 hours playback time to get you soaring high even when you don’t really feel like it. So forget everything and depend on the Airdopes to keep you connected to what truly matters. 

Wake up to the future 

The future is what you’re going to make of it. NOW. So simply wake and pair to your truest ambitions, and go right after them! 

Just like the super technology of the Airdopes case that allows you to instantly wake n pair with your Bluetooth as soon as you take them out of the case! 

Keep your spirit charged, wherever you go 

We get it. It’s tiring sometimes. However fierce your spirit is, fighting all that’s wrong is exhausting, and you’re only human after all. And to charge yourself, sometimes all you need is good music that speaks to your rebellion in a way that only music can. 

This is why the Airdopes come with a carry - cum - charging case that never lets you run out of energy! So go after your dreams, replenished and undeterred whenever you want to! 

So here’s to your energy, that keeps us sailing further, inspiring us to create the best earbuds for girls and women to be in your support, always.

A big shoutout to all the Rebels with their heads in the clouds, and the sound of rebellion in the air!