Yes, you heard that absolutely right. Misfit T50 is your comeback to all the boring looks, with a fresh style every single day. Now, strike the salon expense off your monthly budget list. Why? Because when you unpack this Misfit buddy, you bring a salon home.


Our fellow male companions, we are here to ask you a quick question.

Tell us,

Are you bored carrying the same look for years? 

Do you want to bless your precious face with a fresh look, just like us?

Yes, right? That is what we thought! 

You may have 99 problems but we are here to make sure that grooming ain’t one of them.

With this claim, we present to you *drumrolls*, 




Now be in charge of your grooming.

Don A New Look, every day.

Yes, you heard that absolutely right. Misfit T50 is your comeback to all the boring looks, with a fresh style every single day. Now, strike the salon expense off your monthly budget list. Why? Because when you unpack this Misfit buddy, you bring a salon home.

Before anything else, let’s dive into the “Why’s?” of the product. 

  • Self Care > Everything you need When you do something for yourself, you come one step closer to yourself. Indulging in self-care makes you experience the best version of yourself. And when you are doing it all by yourself? The pleasure is immeasurable.
  • Features to groom you all the way. You have driven down the rough roads like us, haven’t you? The road of salon visits with the unexpected bumps of a bad grooming session. Where the barber takes the charge and you simply wait for the bad surprise to unfold. And you, sweet little child of God, can never argue. So, you come back home looking like a potato and not the french fries you wanted to look like. We get it. This is one thing that your Misfit bud understands; you get to experiment with a fresh look every day at your own convenience, anytime, anywhere. 

  • T50 is a multi-utility… wait! We'd rather walk you through all the T50 benefits (Countless, but we shall try)

    Misfit T50 trimmer is designed for the modern-day-metrosexual-man who is carefree, casual, spontaneous, fun-loving, original, and uninhibited–in a nutshell, a true Misfit. Men today are more focused on their looks (as they should be), unafraid of breaking free from the stereotypes, and ready to take a plunge into the vogue and woke world of self-love.

    Misfit is here to just be a catalyst in your journey of self-love.

    Let Nothing Delay Your Groom Sesh


    One of the finest features of the Misfit trimmer is its battery runtime. In today’s world, the one thing that we all fall short of, somewhere or the other, is Time. It becomes essential to choose things that don’t force us to think twice about our schedule. When you charge the Misfit T50 trimmer, its lithium battery gives you a run time of 160minutes. This saves you from worrying about charging the trimmer overnight to use it in the morning. And God forbid if you forget! Cut yourself some slack and keep the charging worries at bay. To keep you updated on the battery consumption, this trimmer comes with an indicator to ensure that you easily kick away the unpleasant surprises and groom peacefully.

    No Cuts, Just Killing Looks



    An interesting feature that is designed solely for your better experience is the choice of blades. Nothing can go wrong with titanium blades.

     The corrosion-resistant titanium blades are hard on your hair but gentle like a feather on your skin. Style your hair effortlessly with blades that offer nothing but the fresh look of your choice. With their perfect build, the blades help you find one look amongst the hundreds that you try, bringing out the most of your personality. 

    As we said, find your extraordinary self with no hassle.

    Long Or Short, Just Like You Want



    The foremost thing to look at in a trimmer you want to invest in is the length settings.

    Every day calls for a fresh look, doesn’t it? Surprise the people around you as you pull off every style which you’ve never tried before! The one thing that will enable you to do so, is the length settings. Now, Misfit T50 offers multiple length-setting combs. This makes it easy for you to choose your pick every day.

    Whether the classy stubble, the all-time favorite goatee, or even the mighty handlebars, Misfit T50 will cover it all for you. And let’s be honest, doesn't that make all your grooming dreams come true?

    Just in Your Range



    Misfit T50 checks all the boxes in your list, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

    With a 0.5mm range, every grooming sesh is nothing but a cakewalk. The precision, the sharp cuts, the uniqueness… ah. It's everything that you've been waiting for, right? Ranging between 0.5 and 20MM, it lets you define your vibe with a distinct cheek line, neckline, and perfectly crafted sideburns. Let nothing stop you from bringing your fun, quirky, wild side out. Shine your personality to the world like never before.

    If It Fits It's A Hit



    Yes, and a yes and a yes! A trimmer can have all the worldly features but there's something that matters the most! How can grooming be easy if it fits any lesser than a glove on your hand?. Its sleek, easy-to-use, and efficient design makes it easy for you to groom all the way, leaving no room for missed patches or regrets! 


    Safe Even When Not in Use



    The key feature of this trimmer (like every other feature) is that this trimmer comes with a safety lock. This lock ensures that your trimmer doesn’t turn on unexpectedly, startling you. And not just this! Since we are cheering for you as you move one step closer to self-care, this trimmer comes with yet another surprise! We know the adventures that pull you towards them. Hence, this all-in-one Misfit T50 comes with a travel pouch that helps you arrange all your accessories. 

    Alright fellow path-breakers, we will take your leave now.

    Where are we going?... err… writing about such a super cool Trimmer has only made us curious to purchase it for ourselves as well! So, off we go to buy ours before the stock exhausts. What are you waiting for? Let’s race to Misfit!