Introducing The Game Changer - Rockerz 330

The year is 2021. The crisis is raging, and we’re all cooped up inside our homes. But staying indoors doesn’t mean the end of the world. Life is ceaseless, and we still work, play, and perform all activities that we used to back when the world hadn’t lost its sanity. 

Remote working has ensured that work continues seamlessly. Students are readily adopting online teaching. A gazillion video chat applications connect us with our friends and family. And we share laughter and joy over binging our favorite shows, streams, and podcasts, individually. Everything we did, we still do. 

You might be wondering what exactly is the difference then? Life is happening virtually.

When we are immersed into a digital world day in and day out, some things become essential. Like a desk and an office chair to get that posture right, a pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful screen light, some plants to ramp up your desk’s aesthetics, and a pair of wireless earphones that are crisp on quality, slick on looks and big on battery.

While you can check off the first three on this list easily, finding a pair of wireless earphones that matches your needs can get tougher than it sounds. You can find one that offers great audio quality and battery but doesn’t match your vibe or one that looks slick and comes with a rich sound experience but drains too fast. Even if you manage to find a pair of wireless earphones that ticks off all the three requirements, it would dig a hole in your pocket and disrupt your monthly budget. 

Folks, it’s time to say hello to your savior — the all-new boAt Rockerz 330.

Imagine you have a busy day planned. Your morning starts with a workout routine. Your office starts at 10 with consecutive meetings followed by multiple tasks. At lunch, you sneak your food to your room to enjoy it with an episode of that show you’re watching. After a long day of work (and some chill), you kick back in with your friends for a round of Battlegrounds Mobile India or Valorant. Navigating through this tight routine sure looks like a difficult job to pull off for any wireless audio gear. But for boAt Rockerz 330? Easy peasy.



Match your awesome workout playlist with equally awesome audio quality. Take calls seamlessly with easy-to-use controls and a built-in mic, stay pumped up throughout the day with powerful bass, and win games owing to its crystal-clear clarity. All this without getting drained.

Ceaseless Music For A Ceaseless Life

With boAt Rockerz 330, sail through this routine twice without worrying about charging. Our 30HRS non-stop music breaks the clutter by empowering you with all the fuel you need to do it all and more. 

The Power of ASAP Charge

Okay. Somehow, you’ve exhausted 30HRS of playback in one go after a long musical bender, and now your boAt Rockerz 330 wouldn’t start. You have a busy schedule lined up and you need your rhythm with you. 

No problem. Let it charge for just 10 mins and enjoy another 10HRS of playback without a worry in the world. Yes, you heard it right. 

Music Sounds Better With boAt Signature Sound

You might be wondering what boAt Signature Sound translates to, right? Simply put, it means powerful and optimized bass for a comfortable yet foot-thumping listening experience and crystal-clear sound clarity that lets you breathe in every beat of your favorite tracks. 

Speak Your Style


Express your unique style with our ergonomically designed earphones that come with a metallic Housing Control Board, sleek Magnetic Earbuds, and Premium Silicone. boAt Rockerz 330 is crafted for trendsetters just like you.

Besides what we just discussed, boAt Rockerz 330 comes packed with more state-of-the-art features like Dual Pairing with Bluetooth v5.0, Type - C Charging, Single Press Voice Assistant, IPX5 Splash & Sweat Shield, and more.

So what's the final verdict? We truly do believe it’s the real game-changer you need to fill your everyday virtual routine with the power of non-stop music.

May 26, 2021

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