Go Beast Mode with Airdopes 501 ANC

Isn't it awesome how we involuntarily tap our feet to our favourite tracks and hum to a song without even making a conscious effort? Music does that. We enjoy ourselves a little more, don't we? 

We remember our special moments by the song that was playing in the background. That one song in your playlist sends you back to memories that seem from another life. You associate yourself with artists and genres because you resonate with their sound. It's amazing how music, and sound in general, is so significant to our life.

It's funny how we got back to our books as soon as we heard the sound of our father's scooter outside. Or how we rushed to the kitchen with the popping sound of monsoon pakodas? So when everything that matters is driven by sound, why not choose #SoundThatMatters?

Presenting boAt Airdopes 501 ANC - for all the #SoundThatMatters.

Make The World Around You Cease To Exist



How many times has it happened that you've missed that 5 seconds of the hour-long zoom call that mattered the most? Well, ain't gonna happen no more. Airdopes 501 ANC comes with Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, which cancels the background noise before reaching your ear. 

You Can Get Tired But Airdopes 501 ANC Won't! 

We know how much you love a solo-party. Psst, we do too. From Shakira to Mikka, dance to every cringe-y but oh-so-good song without worrying. Airdopes 501 ANC comes with a powerful backup of up to 28 hours. Keep groovin' keep movin'.

Did You Say Exceptional Battery Backup?



We guessed so. What we are going to say might sweep you off your feet, but we ain't no joking.

Equipped with ASAP charging, your Airdopes 501 ANC can be ready for a 60 minutes performance with just 5 minutes of charging! 

Listen And Be Heard

Be the life of every (virtual) party or office meeting with crystal clear sound. The Dual Mics (4x) with ENx Technology will give you a seamless calling experience, enabling you to be heard as good as in person.

BEAST Technology For The Beastly You



Who likes delays? It's such a tiring feeling when there's a lag during your meeting calls because your audio and video aren't in sync. But you can get red of this feeling forever because your Airdopes 501 ANC comes with BEAST™  technology for low latency.

Drivers That Drive You Crazy (with Happiness)

Ever heard bass so powerful that your heart throbs with every beat? Buckle up because with its 9mm drivers and the boAt Signature Sound, you'll get a concert vibe every time you hit play. 



Phew! What? You think this is all? Oh, no, mate. We have run out of charge but there are still so many features we haven't discussed. From IWP Technology to IPX Sweat and Water resistance, there is so much. 

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself here - Airdopes 501.

See you later, besties!

July 26, 2021

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