Busting Top 5 Myths About Trimmers

Hello, our rebellious gang! 

It has been a while since we tickled your curious bone, hasn’t it? Worry not! We are back as the ghost myth-busters! Before we dig right in, a couple of gentle (but also firm) reminders to all you misfits out there.

You are exactly who you need to be. Don’t tame your bold, carefree, unique, quirky, and rebellious side for the world.

Be who you are, unapologetically! 

Having said that, let’s debunk some myths about trimming now.

Myth #1

Not Thicker! Only Stronger 💪🏻

It is a common belief that if you trim your hair, they grow faster, thicker, and darker. Well, let’s all scream “BUSTED!” because this is not at all true. The reason behind this age-long myth might be that the hair grows out all at once after trimming. But, it is absolutely healthy to trim your hair. So, don’t believe this myth and start grooming!

Myth #2

Be Your Own Barber 💇🏽‍♂️

We are often told that we should not style and trim our hair. Barbers are the only reliable people for our grooming. Well, this is not at all true! With the our Misfit trimmers, it is perfectly fine for you to trim your hair just the way you want! So, go stubble or clean, all by yourself!

Myth #3

Keep Trimmers Away From Water! 💧

This myth is not always a myth. But, with Misfit it is! All our trimmers have IP protection. This means that it can survive exposure to a certain amount of water! So yes, trimmers are water resistant as well!

(Don’t know what IP Rating is? We got you covered. Read our short guide here: How Effective Is The IPX Sweat & Splash Resistance?)

Myth #4

Trimmers 🤝 Acne

Ah. we just wanna drop our heads at this point. No, tribe. Trimming does not cause acne or any skin breakout. Trimming, in fact, is a healthy practice that keeps you hygienic and makes you look the gorgeous being that you are! If in case you do feel redness or inflammation, please apply a gentle aftershave that won’t just keep your skin healthy but also give you a slick look! 

Myth #5

Cuts? What’s That Again? 🤔

Trimmers do not cause any sort of skin damage. Whether it is what we mentioned above or cuts and wounds. Of course, a lot of this also depends on the quality and usage of the trimmer blade. Misfit trimmers are precisely engineered to prevent direct contact with your skin, making it impossible to cut your healthy, glowing skin. In fact, blades can provide versatility in getting the perfect look just like you wanted.

So, stay fearless and say yes to that new look you wanna don! 

Phew! Debunking these myths for you was a task! But, we are always happy to do things for you. We will see you soon with some more interesting reads.

Until then, catch us on our Instagram and watch how we unfold the idea of never fitting every day.

See you soon, misfits!


January 09, 2022

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