Why Is boAt Rockerz 335 The Best Wireless Earphone of 2021?

Why Is boAt Rockerz 335 The Best Wireless Earphone of 2021?

Come aboard the hype train and check out the Rockerz 335!

What would life be without music? If you find yourself wondering this often, you truly are a music lover.

And if you are, you need earphones that keep you connected to your kind of music wherever you may be, at all times! And when talking about earphones, using wired earphones comes with its fair share of struggles.

From super tangled wires to getting held back by a wire stuck in the door when moving around the house, and earphones falling off when grooving to our music in our rooms, the struggle is real! We all know how bad of a buzzkill that can be. 

So how do we deal with this when we’re stuck at home and the solo party stops because of an annoying wire? 

Simple! Switch to the best wireless earphones - boAt Rockerz 335!

Why is it the best, you ask? Allow us to elaborate! 

1. The Music Must Go on! 

What’s the point in wireless earphones when they have to be plugged into a charging wire more than often?

There is none! Which is why the boAt Rockerz 335 promises 30 hours non-stop audio bonanza when fully charged. 

On top of that, when it does need to be charged, 10 minutes of ASAP charging will give you 10 hours of using bliss! When you have the time to fully charge your wireless earphones, simply charge for 40 minutes and enjoy 30 non stop hours of audio bliss again! 

2. Sound Quality, On Point

When it comes to music, or enjoying your favourite movies at home, quality is of utmost importance.

And we understand that. Which is why, the boAt Rockerz 335 promises to deliver optimum quality and superbly immersive audio experience. 

Its Qualcomm®️ aptX™️ Audio Technology comes with APTC decoder to ensure the audio experience stays immersive. It keeps audio and video synced at all times for a grand movie watching experience. 

3. Perfect For Bass Lovers

If you like to thump to the bass of your music, get the boAt Rockerz 335!

This is the best Bluetooth earphones because it lets you feel the bass like no other.

The 10mm dynamic drivers in these Bluetooth headphones give you the sound experience of a lifetime, every time you plug it in!

4. Comfortable And Super Convenient 

If you want an audio experience that is unforgettable and uninterrupted, the boAt Rockerz 335 is the best wireless earphones you can get for yourself. 

With its high-grade silicone neckband and metallic magnetic earbuds, these V5.0 Bluetooth earphones will stay secure on your neck no matter where you go! (Even in the pouring rain, thanks to the IPX5 splash and sweat shield) 

5. Stay Connected With All Things Important 

Connect to two devices at once? You read it right! 

Gone are the days when you’d have to disconnect your laptop’s Bluetooth when you’re Netflix and chilling during office hours! Seamlessly take a call with the dual pairing feature of the best Bluetooth headphones - boAt Rockerz 335. 

And when you need your phone to do something for you, simply press the voice assistant and get weather updates, news, and whatever you need!