best headphones under 2000

Top Headphones Under 2000 to Buy in June 2022

When comes to choosing the right wireless headphones can be a task. Here is a list for you to go through to find headphones under 2000 before making your choice.

What makes the world a better place? It is music. Your playlist makes your own little  wonderland of your choosing where you can fly away to feel better, to come closer to your own being, or just to chill. Music makes your soul soar. And good music needs great sound. 

With a plethora of options to choose from — some of them really expensive — choosing the right headphones becomes a task. Don’t worry, we are here to get you a list of bluetooth headphones that won’t hurt your pocket. We bet that you will not be able to stop the shop monster in you after going through this list.

Best Headphones Under 1000

Music becomes even better when it is affordable. We’ve got you a list of our best headphones under 1000 which will make you move to your tunes. These headphones with mic are your best companions when you work from home. With boAt Signature Sound, these bluetooth headphones are not just about helping you attend calls but also about a great musical experience. 

The King of Bluetooth Earphones — Rockerz 245v2

best headphones under 2000

Rockerz 245v2 ticks every checkpoint to earn its spot in the list of best headphones under 1000. These bluetooth earphones are high on style quotient, have massive 12mm dynamic drivers, long battery life, and offer a premium HD sound like no other. For fitness freaks who don’t want to miss a day of play outside their house and who would not stop vibing to tunes on their neckband in a little shower from the heavens, these best headphones under 1000 are IPX5 sweat and water resistant. These headphones with mic are light, quite literally and on your pockets.

Here are a few reasons why boAtheads shower so much love on this neckband.

  1. 8 Hours of total Playback time
  2. 12mm Drivers
  3. HD premium sound
  4. IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistance
  5. Integrated controls with an in-line mic
  6. Light weight, flexible and portable
  7. All this comes at just ₹899/-

The Best Headphones Under 1000 to fuel your Hustle — Rockerz 235v2

best headphones under 2000

When the hustle is strong, you need the best headphones under 1000 that can keep up with your pace. *Drumrolls* presenting Rockerz 235v2. These bluetooth earphones with mic are just the right choice for your fast life, which give you 4 hours of playback with just 20 minutes of charging. The 10mm dynamic drivers on this neckband that pumps out an immersive experience makes these bluetooth earphones a must have for audiophiles. You can also summon Siri or Google Assistant with your voice with the one press voice assistant.

Why should this neckband be your hustle partner?

  1. Fast charge technology
  2. Immersive sound
  3. IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistance
  4. 8 hours of total playback time
  5. One press voice assistant.
  6. Sports friendly secure fit
  7. Priced at just ₹999

Best Headphones Under 2000

Make your jam sessions more fun with these best headphones under 2000 from boAt. Your music sessions become sheer bliss as these wireless headphones boAt Signature Sound through their massive drivers. And when you have these boAt wireless headphones, the groove never stops, for they offer battery backup  as high as 25 hours. 

Work from Home Partner — Rockerz 255 Neo

best headphones under 2000

Work from home is made easy with Rockerz 255 Neo. These best headphones with mic have ENx™️ Technology that sends crystal clear voice minus the ambient noise, so you can ace your work calls like a winner. ASAP™️ Charge keeps you at pace with fast life, getting you the 10 hours of charge in just 10 minutes. Grab them and make these bluetooth earphones your work from home partner. 

What all is housed in this amazing piece of hearable?

  1. 12mm Dynamic Drivers
  2. Magnetic Smart Buds: Intuitive ON/OFF 
  3. ENx™️ Technology
  4. 25 hours of total playback
  5. ASAP™️ Charge
  6. Bluetooth v5.2
  7. Reduced lag with BEAST™️ Mode 
  8. Make them your at just ₹1299

Pump Up The Bass With Rockerz 510

best headphones under 2000

If you like that thumping bass in your music, Rockerz 510 — one of the best headphones under 2000 — is the deal for you. Good music deserves a Rockerz 510 with 50 mm Drivers that get you extra bass and balances treble for an immersive experience. These wireless headphones have 20 hours of playback so your jamming session does not stop. The foam on the earmuff adjusts to your ears, giving you a comfort fit so your music is just groovy without giving pain in your ears.

What else it got!

  1. 50mm Driver
  2. 20 Hours of total Playback Time
  3. Comfort fit
  4. Ergonomic Design
  5. Easy controls track, play/pause and pick calls 
  6. Bluetooth v4.1
  7. Jam to your tunes with this bluetooth headphones with mic at just ₹1099

Your personal groove partner — Rockerz 450

best headphones under 2000

Groove to your music with Rockerz 450 and its HD immersive audio that is delivered via 40mm premium drivers. This option is one of the best headphones under 2000. Also available in special Marvel hues, these wireless headphones with mic let you attend calls without reaching out to your phone. Pick up a call with a single click with the easy operational controls. 

What makes this one a must have?

  1. 40mm premium drivers
  2. Up to 15 hours of total playback
  3. Adaptive earcups 
  4. Bluetooth v4.2
  5. Plush foam for a comfort fit
  6. 400 hours of stand by time

To top it up, it is at a price you wanna buy at — ₹1299

Make the World Go Sush — Rockerz 550

best headphones under 2000

Don’t like noisy places? Suppress the noise with passive noise isolation and enter musical bliss with Rockerz 550. These bluetooth headphones with 50mm Drivers deliver immersive audio for you to vibe to. What is the basic need from one of the best wireless headphones, that it keeps cranking music without the fear of draining the battery fast. These headphones under 2000 give just that with a 20 Hours of non-stop playback. 

What makes this worthy of the list?

  1. 50mm dynamic drivers
  2. 20 hours of total playback time
  3. Physical Noise Isolation
  4. Soft Earmuffs and Ergonomic Design
  5. Special Sunburn edition also available
  6. And it can be yours at just ₹1599!


Here is a list of best headphones under 2000 and best headphones under 1000. Now that we helped you by curating a list of best headphones, it’s time you, my dear boAthead, to help us by buying these so that we keep getting you more such amazing wireless headphones.