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Beard Care in Summers

Summer is the time for everything bright & bold. Summer is the time for Misfits! In order to keep everything beautiful, just like you, we have picked up a beard care regime for the summers, only for YOU! So, get, set & dive right in. 

Ripped, juicy mangoes,

Fresh & sweet watermelon,

All things’ yellow & bright,

‘Tis the season to shine!

The season of Misfits is here!

Hola, Misfits! 

Summers are finally here & no, we cannot keep calm. Look around you. Everything is bright & bubbly. It is time for you to embrace who you are, inside out. It is time for you to be comfortable in your own skin and flaunt your looks like never before. Let us assist you (like always, duh). In order to keep everything bold & beautiful, just like you, we have picked up a beard care regime for the summers, only for YOU! 

What’s the wait then?

Here are some quick tips to keep your seriously dapper Sirius Black look from ending up as Hagrid's wild bush.

Let’s begin?

[ Enter↲ ] A Thorough Wash 

Clean Beard = Slick Beard

We can see your heads nodding in agreement. And why wouldn’t they?

After a long day of being out under the sun, it isn’t just your energy that’s drained out.

So, wash, wash, wash away all the sweat and dust sticking to your beard.

 They say three time's the charm, so mentioning what's important thrice can cause no harm. *wink* *wink*

Keep roughness away by cleaning your beard twice a day! 


[Ctrl] + [X] What Is Necessary 

This is the season of Misfits! So, why would you hesitate to go off the mainstream wagon? Buzz the fuss and give yourself a slick & sharp look! Will you, being the rebellious Misfit you are, will you let the sweat win?

Absolutely not!

So, ace the summers with a trimmed beard giving you a look worth living for.

Trim, trim all the way for it helps you clean the skin and cater to the pores easily.

And y’all we already know that the only trimmers to match your vibe and stride are none other than Misfit trimmers.


Don’t [esc] The Aftershave

A little dab here and a little dab there & look! You are ready to be the eye candy.

Name some of the iconic duos that cannot do without one another.

You know like,

Rains & pakoras,

Summers & ice creams,

Lemons & zest

Grooming & Misfit, etc.

Just like that, shaving/trimming & aftershave SHOULD be your iconic duo of all time. Aftershave not only keeps your skin and beard healthy, it removes all the roughness & gives you a finished look. It reduces itching, irritation & the growth of ingrown hair.


And [shift] to Beard Oil

Essential oils are not just for women. So let’s first sprint away from that stigma. Like far away, if you please. Break free from the stiff polarities & like we said [shift] to beard oil! Let’s face it Misfits, flakiness won’t suit your extraordinary personality, will it? So, add essential oil to your shopping list & drop it on your gorgeous beard to make it dapper. 

Not just this, you should scrub your beard to keep away the bacteria too.

See there, Misfits?

We pulled off the whole research because we couldn’t see the sun making you dull.

Our love for you (and that slick beard) knows no bounds. 

Alright, okay, we admit. You charmed us.

Next time when we see you, we want to go speechless because of how amazing you look after doing your summer beard regime.

So, are you set to groom with some groove?