May The Course Be With You! Here Are The Best Gadgets For Runners

May The Course Be With You! Here Are The Best Gadgets For Runners

From smartwatches to true wireless earbuds, everything you need to ace that run!

Running is one of the most convenient and popular forms of aerobic exercise - just put one foot in front of the other, rinse & repeat in quick succession!

You don’t need to go to a gym as you can do this anywhere. Some people like to run for the joy of attaining an exercise high and others are dedicated to pushing themselves past their comfort zones and achieve the desired shape. There are also certain types of occasional runners for whom running is therapeutic.

No matter what the objective of running is, as long as you are running, you can benefit from analyzing every last detail to evolve as a mile killer. With all the technology available today, you can perfect your stride, customize your playlist and optimize your run for better results! 


As it all boils down to training smarter, not just harder, we have curated a list of some smart run tech & gear that will help you attain that desired results out of your run: 

1. Watch Storm

If you take running seriously then chasing perfection should be your goal! One thing that will help you streamline your run, maximize your efficiency, and take you closer to your fitness goals is a reliable gadget that helps you monitor your form.

Storm Smartwatch

boAt's Watch Storm is one such fitness wearable that comes with many exclusive features. With a 1.3” Full Touch Screen with 2.5D Curved display, this smartwatch from boAt provides you with a plethora of interesting features like real-time monitoring of heart rate, step-tracking, vibration alerts for calls, messages etc. guided meditative breathing for mindfulness and more!.

For tracking your activities, you can select from the 9 sports modes like climbing, walking, running and so on to get a more detailed analysis of your physical activities! The control features allow you to play, pause or navigate through your favourite tracks easily!

Control your music through your wrist and avoid reaching in to your pockets for your mobile in the middle of a run! The smart notifications with vibration alerts work in your favour as you never miss out on any important calls or messages when concentrating on your health! 

What’s more? The 5 ATM water & sweat resistance allow you to avoid any accidental damage to your gadget due to any rain or splash! It also supports a ‘Find My Phone’ feature that lets you find your phone whenever you lose it by mistake!

One of the sharpest looking smartwatches for men & women, this is a powerhouse of style, performance and class!

2. Rockerz 255 Pro 

If you depend on music to keep you running then Rockerz 255 Pro is specially designed for you!

Best wireless earphones

These best wireless earphones are extremely lightweight in design and pump out some powerful music! The 10mm drivers ensure that you get a highly articulated and exceptional listening experience with a blend of pitch-perfect frequency response.

It ensures that you listen to the music the way it’s supposed to be! Its fast charging technology gives it a full charge in just 1 hour and makes you run-ready, always! Its IPX5 rating keeps them safe from sweat and dust! 

3. Rockerz 255F 

Sports on your mind, then Rockerz 255F are your kind! These sturdy headset earphones are made with premium materials that include metal housing and chrome accents.

The ear wings on the earbuds ensure that when you put these on, you never have to reach out to your ears again & again to adjust them! This makes them the wireless earphones for running!

The 10mm Drivers always pump out music that has deep bass and superior quality. The easy controls make them extremely sports-friendly and the fact they offer you a playback time of up to 6H, they are an instant catch! 

4. Airdopes 441

Imagine you are running a marathon and everyone is all pumped and running their hearts out! You are all set with your playlist, water bottle and other run-wear. The crowd is cheering and roaring, and it’s everything that you imagined it to be. Except for one thing: the moment you start running, your earphones pop out of your ears!


Now if you want to avoid such a nightmarish encounter then we have a solution: Airdopes 441 - one of the true wireless earbuds that come with ergonomic ear hooks that make them sit comfortably inside your ears!

The fact that they are IPX7 water & sweat resistant, you can carry them without any worry for a sweaty run! The Advanced Capacitive Touch Controls enable you to navigate through your playlist without any trouble!

You can summon your voice assistants with one touch and assign them tasks without any trouble! You can enjoy up to 30H of pure musical bliss as they come with a powerful battery as well! 

5. Airdopes 291

If you are looking for a completely wire-free and hassle-free run, then getting a perfect pair of earbuds is highly recommended.

And that’s why Airdopes 291 is a perfect option for you! Not only do they offer a splendid sound quality but come with some impactful features. Hip-hop, rock or pop, it doesn’t matter what you listen to, you are guaranteed to feel the right thump & deep bass as these support Advanced Audio Coding.

The fact that they are IPX5 rated, they can easily resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. Sweat, everyday water splashes, and dust are no match for these splendid tws earbuds. They come with a battery capacity of 40mAh that lasts up to 3.5H on a single charge!

Powered with Bluetooth V5.0, you can instantly connect these to your mobile device without any delay or issue! These also provide Bluetooth connectivity for up to 10m. Overall, these wireless earbuds are designed to power up your every stride in style and high on music! 


In the end, we will suggest you pick the right gear that influences your drive and refines your stride! Get, set, run!