Stone 170 LFW Edition

The game of portability just got a boost with the boAt Stone 170, flip your scene anywhere anytime with the full 5W’s of power. A compact, lightweight and IPX 6 Water Resistant design makes it the perfect companion for a number of sceneries. Stay prepared with the boAt Stone 170. It is packed with a 1800mAh battery, with a push of up to 6 hours of playtime per listening session. So set the mood and accentuate the vibe with the boAt Stone 170. Pick your method of access with Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 and an SD card slot making it perfect for all situations. Extremely simple to navigate, utilize the integrated controls to access a wide range of functions. This includes True Wireless Function, meaning that you can set up two at the same time.

Premium HD Sound

For audiophiles that love catching every snare and snap with that deep booming bass that allows for a memorable listening experience on the power output of 5W’s.

Up To 6 hours of Musical Extravaganza

That allows you to step to the street and keep the beats banging, with a powerful 1800 mAh Lithium Battery, slip into the rhythm of your music.

Lightweight and Portable

Compact and lightweight - this boAt speaker is ideal to carry along with you without hassles.


Connect & Play

Speaker Type


IPX Rating


Driver Type

Full range driver

Driver Size (Inch)


Number of Drivers


Frequency Response



Wireless Technology Type


Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Range 


Battery Capacity

1800 mAh

Rated Power


Playing Time

6 Hours

Charging Time 

2.5 Hours



Integrated Controls To Set The Vibes

With a multi-function button and volume buttons that allow for easy interface, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your favorite music.