Energyshroom PB20

Energyshroom PB20 is a high capacity, 20000 mAh portable charging device that utilizes a Li-polymer battery and is built for a safe, fast, and efficient user experience. It charges your beloved devices such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. With 2 way rapid charging, it has Micro USB as well as Type-C as its input interface that meets all the digital device requirements. For outstanding usage and performance, the product has 2 built-in USB A charging output ports that are compatible with most Apple and Android devices. The sleek and durable Aluminium alloy casing provides it with an ergonomic edge. Moreover, the power bank has built-in 9 layers of Smart IC protection that protects against short circuit, overcharging, over-discharging, and more!

20000 mAh with 6x the charge

With 20000mAh capacity you can fully charge your Android and iPhones up to 6 times.

Pass-through charging

The Pass-Through Simultaneous Charge-Discharge feature allows you to charge your power bud while it charges your devices.

Fast Charging

Energyshroom PB20 provides 2-way rapid charging to save time.


Connect & Play

Capacity 20000 mAh (37Wh)
Rated Capacity 13500mAh 5.0V (Type 1A)
Battery Type Lithium-Polymer
Input 5V/3A 
Input Ports 1xMicro USB, 1xType C
Output Ports 2x USB A
Fully Charged by 2.0A adaptor 10hrs
Fully Discharged by 2.0A load 7hrs
Output 1 + Output 2 5V/2.1A (max)
Operating Environment -10 to 55deg Celsius
Short Circuit Protection Protected
Weight 432 gms
Warranty 1 Year

2x USB Output,1x Type C Input & 1x micro USB Input 

Charges your devices simultaneously with two USB A output ports..