Wear your transformation!

ProGear APP*

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Connects with the
Watch Xplorer & Watch Storm*

Keep your watch close,
and your goals closer!

Detailed analysis for
all activities
  • Track your daily steps, distance, duration of sports and calories burnt seamlessly.
  • Set and edit goals seamlessly according to your progress.
  • Choose your preferred sport from the multiple sports modes and get detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly records on the app.

Wellness made simpler


Wellness made simpler

Keep a tab on your vitals like heart rate and blood oxygen levels to ensure wellness, day in and day out!

The watch will also keep a tab on the female user’s menstrual health with timely alerts every month.

Sleep health

The boAt ProGear app helps you stay on top of your health goals with detailed tracking of sleep stages (deep, light & awake) in real time, with detailed daily, weekly, monthly & yearly records!

Sleep health


What looks good, feels good

Custom & cloud watch faces

Make this watch truly your own using the boAt ProGear app with its cloud based, and completely customizable watch faces.

Remote Music

Control music from the watch and set your own default music player to keep you grooving, and keep you moving!

Notifications when you need them, DND when you don’t!

Get notified about everything on your watch from calls, texts and social media to sedentary, alarms, goal and menstrual cycle reminders, all in one place.
And for when you are indulging in pure ‘me time’, the Do Not Disturb feature will save your day!

Stay connected, everywhere!

Update your health data seamlessly

With third party program integration, you can easily sync all your health information from the ProGear app on Google Fit or Apple Health!


With the ProGear app, you can build your own fitness community by sharing and viewing vitals, ranking and health data within your community.

Build your
fitness community

With the ProGear app, you can build your own fitness community by sharing and viewing vitals, ranking and health data within your community.

arrow FAQs

1. Search for the app to connect keeps failing

  1. Keep the boAt ProGear app updated to the latest version
  2. Close all the programs on the watch → Stop and restart Bluetooth and GPS → Connect again
  3. Check and enable notification functions of your phone and keep the phone and watch in close contact.

Note: Make sure your phone system meets Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8.0 and above.

2. My Bluetooth keeps getting disconnected

  1. Make sure there is not more than 7m distance between bluetooth on the phone and the watch.
  2. There is no obstacle in between the watch and the phone.

3. I can’t download cloud watch faces on the app

Check if you have a stable internet connection when downloading cloud watch faces through the app.
Also, when you are downloading the cloud watch faces, make sure you stay on the page till it shows 100% downloaded.

4. My watch and the app aren’t connecting automatically even when within Bluetooth range

Make sure you keep your app updated to the latest version. Also, check if you’ve allowed the app to run in the background at all times.

5. The daily activity graph is not updating on the app

  1. Make sure you keep your app synced to the smart watch
  2. If the graph is still not updating, open the app and manually sync the data.
  3. If the issue still persists, restart your phone’s Bluetooth and try again.

6. How can I set personal goals on the app?

Open the app → Tap on ‘user’ → Tap on goal setting and personalise!


available for download on