Smart Ring Introduction

Smart Ring is an application developed by Imagine Marketing Limited which integrates sleep data from smart ring device management and sleep health services. It helps users record and analyze their sleep and activity status, easily understand their physical state, and provide professional and reliable sleep guidance.



The main functions of Smart Ring are as follows:

(1)Sleep data display: Record user's sleep data such as sleep, heart rate, body temperature through the smart ring, and provide sleep health statistics and analysis

(2)Activity data analysis: Record user's activity and exercise data, and provide visual charts to help user manage their volume of activity and exercise rhythm.

(3)Smart Ring Management: Provides smart ring management settings, including but not limited to device firmware upgrades, low battery reminder, and device search functions.


How to delete your account?

1.In the Smart Ring application, enter the status page ->click on the function icon in the upper right corner to enter the APP function page

2.Click on "Register/Login" -->log in your account.

3.Click on "My profile" ->click on "Delete account" and then click "Confirm" in the pop-up window. This operation will delete your account and all data stored on the server.




Developer:Imagine Marketing Limited