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20 Hours Playback 📦 Restocking Soon
143verified reviews
Rockerz 510
Sale price₹1,599 Regular price₹3,990

60% off

50mm Dynamic Driver 400 mAh Battery Master Controls
20 HOURS Playback 📦 Restocking Soon
49verified reviews
Rockerz 518
Sale price₹1,599 Regular price₹3,990

60% off

50mm Drivers Comfort Fit Master Control
50 Hours Playback 🎉 New Launch
16verified reviews
Airdopes 161 Pro Buds
Sale price₹1,099 Regular price₹4,490

76% off

ENx™ Technology BEAST™ Mode IPX5 Resistance
50 Hours Playback 📦 Restocking Soon
9verified reviews
Immortal Katana Blade
Sale price₹2,299 Regular price₹3,999

43% off

RGB Lights BEAST™ Mode ASAP™ Charge
30 Hours Playback 📦 Restocking Soon
10verified reviews
Airdopes 641
Sale price₹2,999 Regular price₹6,990

57% off

Clear Calling 6mm Dual Drivers
30 Hours Playback 🎉 New Launch
14verified reviews
Immortal 100
Sale price₹999 Regular price₹3,299

70% off

ENx™ Technology BEAST™ Mode IWP Technology
Noise Cancellation 📦 Restocking Soon
6verified reviews
Airdopes 701 ANC
Sale price₹3,990 Regular price₹9,990

60% off

Up to 28 Hours Playback BEAST™ Mode
Gaming Earbuds 🎉 New Launch
12verified reviews
Immortal 201
Sale price₹1,299 Regular price₹3,499

63% off

ENx™ Technology BEAST™ Mode ASAP™ Charge
Gaming Earbuds 🎉 New Launch
16verified reviews
Immortal 111
Sale price₹1,499 Regular price₹3,499

57% off

BEAST™ Mode 40 Hours Playback ENx™ Technology