The Future Is Here: Unveiling the boAt Smart Ring

The Future Is Here: Unveiling the boAt Smart Ring

You might have:
💍 Worn a ring.
Exchanged a ring.
📳 Heard a ring.  
🥊 Even entered a ring.
But have you ever embraced a ring, unleashed a ring, and let it transform you? Don’t worry, boAtheads…if you haven’t, now you will. Because the future is here, and it’s staggeRING.
boAt presents…the boAt Smart Ring – the ultimate next-gen wearable to upgrade your fitness and turn the smart health tracking game on its head. Yes, we have been teasing you about our first-ever Bluetooth smart ring for a while now, and it has finally arrived…bringing the future right to your finger.  

boAt Smart Ring

Forged from the most premium materials. Designed to track every health and activity stat you want. Powered with 7-days of reliable battery life and smart charging. Discreet yet as stylish as you. 100% fun to operate with smart touch control. And ready to deliver a 100% futuristic wearable experience unlike ever before.
The best smart ring for women and men is here, and it’s undeniably lit. 🔥

boAt Smart Ring: A Wearable Tracking Revolution on Your Fingertips

An innovation that is poised to turn heads, boAt Smart Ring is a new-age Bluetooth-operated fitness tracker and smart activity tracker designed for a new you. With its intelligent design, you can unlock the power to stay connected with your active lifestyle at all times. If you have read our previous post on smart rings, you would know about the true power of this ultimate Bluetooth ring (spoiler alert: it’s AWESOME!).

Tougher Than You Think

boAt Smart Ring with Premium Build

It’s the crown jewel of both your accessories and your wearables collection – of course it is tough, sleek, and stylish! The boAt Smart Ring is our labour of love, crafted with stunning precision using high-grade seamless ceramic and metal. The result is a Bluetooth smart ring that exudes confidence and an aura of royalty that is tough and durable with a compact & lightweight build. Ace every occasion with the best smart ring for men and women.

Taking Smart Living to the Next Level

boAt Smart Ring with Touch Controls

Change the way you control your music, your camera, and your life…all with delicate, simple swipes! boAt Smart Ring lets you use a variety of touches that give you the ability to play/pause and change music tracks on your smartphone, and even lets you navigate applications & click pictures using your smartphone. Experience smooth, lag-free input that is as seamless, effortless, and intuitive as it can get!

Health and Activity Tracking: More Precision, More Control

boAt Smart Ring with Health Tracking

Where there’s ground-breaking wearable technology, there is ground-breaking health and activity monitoring. We have designed the new boAt Smart Ring so as to give you new ways to be hands on with your health and fitness throughout the day. It introduces cutting-edge health rate monitoring that allows you to track your body recovery levels and also scores you on that. Experience even greater control and precision in your health and activity monitoring with tools such as:
  • Body recovery tracking
  • Automatic body temperature monitoring
  • SpO2 monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring with sleep pattern recognition
  • Menstrual tracker for women
Not only does the boAt Smart Ring doubles up as a health tracker but also a physical activity tracker that lets you set goals, monitor progress, and crush goals through 6 axis motion sensor and more. For those who love the thrill of water sports, the smart ring’s 5 ATM water resistance lets them swim with it carefree!

Track Every Insight with the boAt Ring App

And where does all your cool health and fitness data go? On to our specialised wearables app: the boAt Ring App. It curates detailed insights via interactive data visualization, trend mapping, and progress tracking by syncing in with your Smart Ring via Bluetooth and staying on top of your vitals and movements.

Charging Just Got Smarter and Faster

boAt Smart Ring with Smart Charging

Such a feature rich smart ring won’t be worth it if it fails to keep up with your lifestyle. This is why boAt’s Smart Ring comes with a unique smart charger for lighting fast charging and a large battery backup of up to 7 days!

A Smart Ring For Everyone

boAt Smart Ring’s fit is a hit! After all, you get to select from three different ring sizes: 17.3mm, 19mm & 20.6 mm, and choose your own perfect fit. For greater precision, you can also buy the Smart Ring Sizing Kit to try-before-you-buy at home!
Time to wing it and ring it! A precious Bluetooth ring from boAt has sailed your way from the future, ready to take you on a journey of epic proportions. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and unleash the true power of a smart lifestyle? Check out the all-new boAt Smart Ring and embrace the new version of you!