Tips and Tricks For to Outsmart boAt Data Breach

Gyaan for the Inquisitive boAtheads: How to Save Yourself on the Internet from a Data Breach

It's a human tendency to know things, to look for things, to gain knowledge. And so we’ve come up with all the gyaan you’ll need to deal with a data breach and save yourself on the internet.
Humans by nature have always been inquisitive. We like to know stuff. It got us to where we are technologically. There are also things that we do in our daily lives that brings out this inquisitive trait in us. Take traveling in the metro, there will always one guy who is interested in knowing what the guy is reading. The very culture of gossip comes out of this inquisitiveness. So, When a piece of news floats on the internet about the boAt data breach we get interested to know more.
Here’s the bell of disappointment, 🔔 *tingg*; we are not here for that. And when it comes to all the things in this whole wide world, we care about our boAtheads the most.  
We are here so you can keep yourself safe at all times on the internet. And we’ll tell you some tips and tricks on what you can do.

What Exactly is a Data Breach?

A data breach is a security incident in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is accessed, or stolen by an unauthorized individual or entity. Multiple organisations can be targeted through this, viz. businesses, government, government agencies, education institutes, banks, e-commerce platforms, and more.  
The key things common in every type of breach are that it involves unauthorized access, sensitive data, and it impacts the users directly. 

But How Do They Do It?

Let’s have a round of applause for them 👏👏👏👏👏. They are a smart bunch of people, and have multiple ways of extracting things, but we are here to equip you to outsmart them! 🤓
One of the most common ways is that they will contact you via call, e-mail, or SMS posing as someone with authority or someone trustworthy. And AI is coming in here too. They may pose as your boss, a bank agent, or a customer service agent asking for feedback, and in the process extract sensitive information. We’ve seen Jamtara haven’t we?
Someone with legitimate access to the data can sometimes extract data with malicious intent or by mistake. That also becomes a breach. Or your device can get stolen which can lead to the leaking of information. There are chances that you might have connected to an unsecured open network and unknowingly given access to your data. 
But the big bad boy and the nastiest way of a data breach are forced frontal attacks. What we commonly call hacking. In this case, a hacker can forcefully exploit software vulnerabilities to access sensitive data.

What Companies Do to Save You?

Companies ask for your data to give you different services. While companies do want to do business, it is eventually driven by their customers, making them the top priority for any company. 
Some boAtheads may ask what do we really do with the data other than using it to provide certain services?
For starters, everything collected is encrypted so that an unauthorised third party cannot access it. And there are regular security audits. But where there is good, there is evil. 😈 And sometimes attacks are attempted on that data. In those cases, we respond with software patchups. Those app and software updates we ask you to do; yeah, that is to eliminate bugs, security vulnerabilities, and other nitty-gritty stuff. 
So don’t ignore us when we send you an update it might just save you from a lurking threat or simply enhance your user experience.

You Have the Real Power

Organisation are huffing and puffing all the time to protect you. But it is the consumer who really has the power. And in our case it is you boAthead who holds quite a lot of power. Here are some little tips from us that you can do at your end to save yourself.

Check Your Passwords

We don’t want to join the bandwagon where we tell you to have a strong password. 🙄 It is human of you to make passwords out of your birthday, of the birthdays of the people you know, or out of other special dates. It ain’t appreciated my friend. We just want you to be less of a human when you are creating your passwords. 
Also don’t use the same password over and over again on different platforms. You lose one, you are gonna lose them all.

Quick tip: Use a password manager 

Install That Update

Update your apps and software every time you are sent one. But only from the legit places. Here’s who you can trust:
Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
When it comes to us, too.

Multifactor Authentication

Given a chance, set up that two-factor authentication. Don’t just rely on passwords. Setting up additional hurdles like answering some personal questions or OTP authentication makes a user prove their identity to the system, further securing the account.


Now that you are equipped with the right gyaan, boAtheads, put your battle suits on and keep yourself safe. 😉