boAt Portable Speakers: Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 In india

You like your weekends packed with bashes but your pockets holds you back. We've got speakers for you that will bring the party to your home without hurting your pocket. Find here a curated list of bluetooth speakers under 2000 that will make the vibe hit the roof at your parties.
Whether you’re hosting house parties, setting the mood for a romantic date, or simply jamming through your routine, we've got the best bluetooth speakers for you that won’t hurt your pocket.  Explore a carefully curated list of speakers under 2000 that guarantees a pocket-friendly way to amp up the vibe & take your gatherings to the next level.

Top Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 in India

Partying too much might make your wallet feel a bit lighter. We get it, having a good time is essential for us boAtheads. We heard you want a solution, so we thought we'd help out.
What makes a Bluetooth speaker the best? Well, it should be affordable – let's keep it our speaker under 2000. It should also be portable so you can take the party wherever you go. And of course, it should be Bluetooth, because who needs wires these days?
To meet all these needs, we've put together a list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000. Now, you can keep the party vibes going without burning a hole in your pocket. Are you ready to vibe?

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 for Non Stop Parties

Redefining Excellence - Stone 350 Bluetooth Speaker

Stone 350 best bluetooth speakers under 2000

Available in three stylish colors, Stone 350 stands out as one of the best bluetooth speakers under 2000. Lasting up to 12 hours straight, this portable speaker gives immersive stereo sound. With its lightweight cylindrical design and IPX7 rating, it is the ultimate portable speaker that can take on your adventures & give you peace of mind as you travel with your playlist.

Reasons for you to upgrade:
1. Two 2 inch drivers
2. 10W High Fidelity Stereo Sound
3. IPX7 Water & Splash Resistance
4. 12 Hours of Non-Stop Music
5. Bluetooth v5.0 for a Seamless Experience
6. Buy @ JUST ₹1299!

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Stone 105 - the Portable Speaker You Need

Stone 105 best bluetooth speakers under 2000

If you are bored with your old bluetooth speakers and want to a more portable option — Stone 105 is just the deal for you. With versatile features like 5W RMS Immersive Sound & TWS Functionality, the speaker delivers rich & powerful sound. Equipped with BT v5.0, TF Card, and FM radio, this speaker is designed to enhance your audio experience in every way.

This is why you should bag this ASAP:
1. 5W RMS Immersive Sound
2. Multiple Connectivity Modes
3. Integrated Controls
4. IPX4 Water & Splash Resistant
5. 11 Hours Playback
6. TWS Functionality for 2x Impact
7. AND it is easy on your wallet! Grab it at ₹999

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The Perfect Companion for Party Animals is Now Here

Stone 620 best bluetooth speakers under 2000
With a 10 HRS battery backup & the power of a 2500 mAh battery, Stone 620 allows you to dance all night long. It is super easy to carry due to its cylindrical shape, so you can take your party anywhere. It is safe even near a pool with the IPX4 splash & water shield. Undoubtedly, what we have here is one of the best speakers under 2000.

Need we give more reasons to bag one of the best speakers we have to offer to you?
Well, here you go:

1. 10 Hours of Playback Time
2. 12W Stereo Sound
3. TWS Functionality for 2x Impact
4. Type-C High Speed Charging
5. IPX4 Water & Splash Resistance
6. Easy Access Controls
7. Bag it at ₹1999!

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Prepare to be Blown Away with the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000

Stone 180 best bluetooth speakers under 2000
Stone 180 comes equipped with a 52mm mono driver that gives you an immersive audio experience. Among the bluetooth speakers under 2000, this is one of the best speakers under 2000 out there that can take on a real splash of water with its IPX7 splash resistance. These bluetooth speakers are lightweight for enhanced portability so you can take your music everywhere you go.
Features that’ll leave you stunned:

1. 5W immersive sound
2. Portable and lightweight
3. 52mm drivers
4. IPX7 water resistant
5. 4 hours of playback
6. Easy access control
7. Grab all of the above & so much more @ ₹999.
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Never Stop Grooving with best speakers under 2000 

Stone 135 best bluetooth speakers under 2000

Stone 135 is one of the best bluetooth speaker under 2000 that we have. It performs like a mini jukebox that can fit in your pocket! With up to 11 Hours playback & 5W RMS immersive sound, carry your party in your palms, & power through everyday in style. It also allows you to add a second Stone 135 with the TWS technology & enjoy a sound that is twice as powerful.

Why should you buy this?

1. 5W RMS Immersive Sound
2. TWS Functionality - 2x Impact
3. 11 Hours Playback Time
4. Voice Assistant Support
5. IPX4 Water & Splash Shield
6. Type-C High-speed Charging
7. It can yours at JUST ₹999!

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Form & Function at its Best - Stone 200 Pro Bluetooth Speakers

Stone 200 Pro best bluetooth speakers under 2000

Looking for a compact speaker that packs a punch? Experience the power of 8W RMS boAt Signature Sound with Stone 200 Pro. With up to 12 hours of uninterrupted playback, it is one of the best portable bluetooth speakers under 2000. Equipped with 52mm drivers, this bluetooth speaker resonates every note with pure brilliance.

This is why it'd go with your party animal instincts:

1. 52mm Drivers
2. 8W RMS boAt Signature Sound
3. 12 Hours of Uninterrupted Playback
4. TWS Technology for 2x Vibe
5. Portable and Stylish Design
6. IPX6 Water and Splash Resistant
7. Multiple Connectivity Options
8. Bagging this one to have a blast will only cost you ₹1799.

Now that’s an absolute steal! 

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So here we are at the end of it all.  We have given you the ultimate list of best bluetooth speakers under 2000. So,  when you are in the mood for a jam but don’t have much to spend; you know which door to knock to get the best speakers under 2000. Happy jamming!