The name says it all. The bass head series brings you with a combination of personalized style and the promised “boat signature” bass. The ultimate bass produced by “the bass heads” gives you everything you need in your music. Punchy lows and Sonorous mids provide for a fantastic music experience for groovy, funky, rock, classical or any other genre of music, and they’re as compact as ever, providing you music on the go. So Sink into that deep bass and be known as a “Basshead”!

The Premium “nirvana” series promises a blend of high definition audio, eye candy designs and durable engineering. These are built for days when you just want to block all noise, isolate yourself and Plug Into Nirvana. You can hear your catchy favorites the way they were meant to be heard, on “nirvana” series all day. With perfected sound quality on the “nirvana” series, you explore more in your music everyday. So plug into “nirvana” series headphones, put on your favorite playlist and zone out of normalcy right into “NIRVANA”.

Stone series offers a plethora of possibilities. However, the possibility of your surroundings getting lit are very high! Plug into stone and flaunt your style with the durable and ready to go boombox of a speaker! Don’t fight the forces of nature, instead flow with it with the Waterproof and shockproof “Stone” series.

If you just don’t like wires all together, Then you’re in for a treat with the “Rockerz” series. Experience high definition audio with integrated boosted bass without any wires dangling.The “rockerz” series offers ease of personalizing your music experience, and enables you to “wear your attitude” . With the promise of no strings attached, de clutter your life and hear what you truly intend to. Mobility at it’s finest and Wireless made simple with the rockerz series