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A complete remarkable audio experience.

Transport to the world of your own, live life with your characters, and enjoy agenuine listening experience. Whether it's the subtle rustle of leaves, the intense roar of an engine,or the soft whispers of dialogue, boAt's technology captures it all with unparalleled clarity and depth.This creates a cinematic quality to your audio experience, making every session with your device a deeply personal escape into the world of your choosing.


Get the personalised experience by setting up your Nirvana Eutopia as per your choice.

  • Turn on 3D Headtracking and feel the sound change directions for a captivating experience.

  • Wear your headsets firmly and manually calibrate to ensure proper head tracking.

  • Follow the instructions, and move your head accordingly to track head movements.

  • You are now ready to experience 3D head tracking audio experience.


Bluetooth V5.2

Enjoy seamless audio experiences, quicker pairing times, and more reliable connections.


Instant voice assistant

Instant Voice Assistant feature, supporting both Google Assistant and Siri.

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