Energyshroom PB10

Energyshroom is a high capacity, 10000mAh portable charging device that utilizes Li-polymer battery and is built for a safe, fast and efficient user experience. It charges your beloved devices such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. It has USB (QC 3.0) as well as Type-C (Power Delivery) as its interface that meets all the digital device requirements. For outstanding usage and performance, the product has built-in USB charging controller that is compatible with most of the smartphones, tablets and devices. It offers 2-Way Fast Charging with QC 3.0 support. The sleek and durable Aluminium alloy casing provides it an ergonomic edge. 

Intelligent Input/Output Control

The power bank has intelligent input and output controls for a seamless experience! 

10000mAh Capacity: 3 Times The Full Charge

With 10000mAh capacity you can fully charge your Android and iPhones 3 times. 


Connect & Play

Capacity 10000 mAh (37Wh)
Rated Capacity 6500mAh 5.0V (Type 1A)
Battery Type Lithium-Polymer
Input 5V/3A 
Input Ports 1x Micro USB, 2x Type C
Output Ports 1x Micro USB, 2x Type C
Fully Charged by 2.1A adaptor 11hrs
Fully Discharged by 3.0A load 4hrs
Fast Charge Every port supports Fast Charge with QC2.0/QC3.0 Output
Operating Environment -10 to 55deg Celsius
Short Circuit Protection Protected
Weight 270 gms
Warranty 1 Year

2x USB Output, 1x Micro USB Input, 1x Type-C(2-way)

Energyshroom PB10 provides 2 way fast charging with QC 3.0 support. It supports 2 way fast charging for Type C port for a seamless charging experience. Charge your devices simultaneously with twice the USB and Type C output ports