Gone are the days when you had to plug in your old speaker to the power socket, wait for the circuit to get established and thereafter play the songs of your choice. Too cliché, isn’t it? Moreover, since the AI and IoT started knocking on our doors, we have been experiencing tremendous change in the way we get our stuffs done and in essence, the way we work. One of Adobe’s recent Surveys   in the States conveyed: 79% of consumers agree that voice technology improves their quality of life; while 92% of them say that voice technology saves them time. Indeed, the technological advancement in any domain has been humongous.

Imagine a speaker that can play your songs, set your calendar straight, drop in a message to the person elsewhere, power on your smart lights or TV, add items to your shopping lists; and this list doesn’t seem to end, ever! Now, you can have your hands on Stone 200A that has built-in Alexa to power you through your day; and all that without bothering for that power socket. Yasss, it is PORTABLE!

Boat has launched just the right kindaA speaker for you, the Stone 200A. It comes with built-in Alexa and the best part about it is that you don’t need a constant power supply to run it. It is a full-blooded speaker that is portable. You may carry it with the help of its carry strap, wherever your heart takes you to. You feel like taking that off road bike of yours to traverse the city outskirts? No worries; the Stone 200A has got you covered. It is universally mountable, so that you may mount it on your bike and indulge in Nirvana on-the-go.

Just imagine, you have decided to bring your speaker to a nature camp with your chums and one of them (duh) has a knack of sabotaging the whole system (though unintentionally); of course, there are always a few who just can’t help being an idiot! They do that every time. Coming on to your camping buddy now; of all the things he could have done wrong was topple his share of pint all over the Stone 200A! Aaaghh the trip! Hell. But wait, the best portable speaker has got you covered here as well. It is IPX6 rated; wooohooo! No more scare from that untimely rain, that swimming pool moment or awkward handlers. Not to mention that it is Shock Proof as well. In nuts and shell, this helluva audio device is Idiot Proof! The rugged look with its robust build permits you to let the Stone 200A accompany you in all of your trippy adventures.

The speaker has been crafted ergonomically that promises to offer you great sound, with that Bassy thang! The HD audio helps you glide effortlessly towards Nirvana; not like other smart speakers that unfortunately choose to compromise on their sound. A notch above in its class, boAt’s Stone 200A seems to be another feather in its cap.

It’s time, give your wall sockets a breather. Bring in the powerful Stone 200A with its exquisite features. Meanwhile, I’m going to grab a pint or two for myself from the freezer. Cheers!

*Turns his gaze towards his super speaker*

“Alexa, play Nirvana.”


October 11, 2019